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Premium Starter Templates key

Key activated template plugin Premium Starter Templates for sale (single site), also can buy key

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Whole site template import can only be used with Astra theme (both free and paid), other themes cannot import whole site templates. Section templates can be used with other themes, importing section templates online directly from a builder like Elementor. Buy this siteAstra Pro ThemekeyFree GiftOne copyThis plugin.

Purchase a copy can only activate a domain site, the domain name does not change activation dropped free reactivation (not active de-activation and so on will not fall). If you change the domain name later you need to buy it again to activate it.

Sold as genuinePremium Starter TemplatesPlugin activation service, 29 dollars (only activate a website), permanent background updates. Because the key is entered to activate, to avoid leaks need to log into your site to activate. Install the freeTemporary Login Without Password The plugin can generate a temporary login link to log in and install without providing a password.

We also sell genuineActivate keyThe website can be used on numerous websites. ClickGo to the activation key purchase page. Directly send you the key, permanent, unlimited number of sites, online upgradeable! You enter the key yourself to activate, do not need us to log in your site operation. Once purchased, countless sites for life, find friends to buy together more cost-effective!

Premium Starter Templates is a template plugin created by the Astra team that can be imported online with one click240+ FineWhole siteTemplate(below).

Pasted 2


Can be used with Elementor, Beaver Builder, Brizy, Gutenberg page builder Import 100+ directly from inside the editorPage Templates200+ presetsBoard Template(below). Click for detailsPremium Starter Templates feature details.

Pasted 18

Template demo


The following is a screenshot of a customer's website using GTmetrix, with the Elementor template of Premium Starter Templates installed and only the CDN open, which is already super fast without full speed optimization. 0.3 seconds to start displaying the first screen content, 1.1 seconds to load the whole home page. If we disable some unnecessary resources, generate key CSS, compress images and so on, we can optimize the loading speed to about 0.7 seconds.

Pasted 5

The speed test site below was built using Astra Pro + Starter Templates template (Elementor) + Elementor Pro, and it's super fast!

Google speed test on computer side↓

Speed measurement results

Google speed test on mobile↓

Pasted 86


Premium Starter Templates Terms of Purchase

Virtual products are reproducible, once sold no refund, please checkTerms of Service. Please login first before you buy, send the payment screenshot to WeChat customer service after purchase to install or get the activation key.


Key Installation/Enabling Method

ClickDownload the plugin installation packageUpload and install, then enter the key to activate. After installation, please update the plugin before importing the template! If it doesn't prompt for an updated version, disable the plugin and enable it again then refresh the backend.

Installation of plug-in method 1: upload and install

Find and click on "Plugins" > "Install Plugins" in the left menu bar of the website background, then click on "Upload Plugin" in the upper left corner, upload the downloaded zip installation package and click on "Install Now", after installation, click"Enable Plugin"Complete the installation.

Upload Plugin


Installation of plug-in method 2.FTP installation

Unzip the plug-in package, put the unzippedFoldersUpload it to the plugins directory (
Find and click on "Plugins" > "Installed Plugins" in the left menu bar of the website background, find the plugin in the list of plugins, and click "Enable".

Enable Plugin


Activate Key

After installation, clickActivate LicenseEnter the key to activate.


Pasted 1

Diamo provides after-sales service for purchasing users, please leave a message in the comments below or contact WeChat customer service if you have any questions, we will answer them.


Premium Starter Templates Import Template Tutorial

Click "Update" below to update the plugin before importing the template.

Pasted 19

If you choose to import an Elementor template, theFirst, follow this tutorial to set up Elementor.


Start importing templates: Click "Starter Templates" in the image below to enter the template import page.

Pasted 3

In the upper right corner, first select the type of template you want to import, there are Elementor templates, Gutenberg templates, etc. If you want to build a website with Elementor, choose Elementor.

Pasted 5

If the template is displayed incomplete or not displayed, click the button below to synchronize the template.

Pasted 12

Click the template directly after you find the template you want to enter the template import interface.

Pasted 11

If you already have a logo, upload the logo, if not, just click "Skip & Continue →", you can upload the logo later.

Pasted 4

The following figure keeps the default point "Continue →"

Pasted 6

Check the box as shown below, do not fill in the name and so on, if you fill in the future will receive advertising mail.

Pasted 7

Imported in ↓

Pasted 8

After importing, click "View Your Website →" to enter the foreground to see the effect.

Pasted 9

Click the arrow in the upper right corner to return to the backend of the site.

Pasted 10

So far the template import is complete, if you want to replace the template according to the above tutorial operation once on the line. If you don't like it, just uninstall it. You can choose to uninstall the Premium Starter Templates plugin after template import, it will not affect the website.


Premium Starter Templates Frequently Asked Questions and Solutions

Please make sure to update the plugin to the latest version before importing the template.

Online update failed

If the update fails to prompt the content of the following picture, it is because of the network or other problems. Clear the site cache and refresh the page to update again.



Some template images are not displayed after importing the template

Some templates (such as Premium shoe store template) have images (especially product images) that are copyrighted and cannot be used. So it is normal that some images will fail to be displayed when importing the template. Some templates (e.g. furniture store template) can import all images.


Importing a template fails with "The XML URL for the site content is empty."

Plugin conflicts lead to, in addition to Elementor and Woocommerce outside of all plug-ins disabled, and then set up Elementor according to the following picture, and then re-import the template smoothly imported.

Pasted 13

Press Figure ↓ to set up Elementor, and the setting also improves Elementor speed.

Pasted 14

Set up as shown↓

Pasted 15

Set up as shown↓

Pasted 16

Set up as shown↓

Pasted 17


After importing the template, the home page is blank or 404

It's because the imported page is not set as the home page, so accessing it through the URL prompts that the page cannot be found.

Go to "Settings" > "Reading".

Pasted 20

Select your home page as your homepage as shown below, and click "Save Changes". Clear the website cache, go to the frontend to refresh, the homepage should be displayed normally.

Pasted 22

Pasted 23


For more solutions to import problems, please checkThis official tutorial.


Please leave any questions, related needs in the comments below and we will follow up promptly.

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Diamo specializes in building foreign trade websites / cross-border e-commerce stand-alone websites, Google SEO optimization, etc. No renewal fee, high conversion rate.

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