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TranslatePress download (Business), v1.2.2, GPL license, includes setup tutorial

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Download the latest translation plugin TranslatePress (Business). TranslatePress (TP for short) is the best translation plugin in our mind and the only one we found so far that can be used in China with automatic translation function, has SEO effects and supports manual modification of translations.

Ability to insert a language switcher in the navigation bar, Elementor compatible, ability to set any content to show/hide in certain languages in the ele edit screen.English version of this siteAlso created using TranslatePress Business.

Business version features.

  1. Can translate into multiple languages, the free version can only translate into 2 languages.
  2. Ability to translate SEO Title, meta and other information to improve SEO results.
  3. Ability to use the automatic translation function of DeepL (domestic websites work properly).
  4. Automatic switching of the website to the appropriate language version according to the user's IP/browser language.
  5. Adding translation roles to allow more people to participate in translation.
  6. Configuring different menu items for different languages.
  7. To browse the translation effect with visitors groping, so that administrators can easily view and proofread the translation.
  8. Support for adding translation buttons to menus and short codes.
  9. The language switcher can be inserted into the navigation menu with one click, or added via short code.


WPML ranks first, but the settings and translations are too complicated! Polylang has more manual translation than WPML and can be manually corrected, but the setup is complicated and not so easy to use. Weglot is also good, but it does not support DeepL automatic translation, so it is not available in China and not as easy to use as TranslatePress. TP has the least impact on page speed and the fastest translation speed.

Comparison of loading speed of 4 popular translation plug-ins.Click for details.

Pasted 34

Translation speed comparison of 4 popular translation plug-ins

Pasted 35


What is GPL plugin

TranslatePress PremiumIt is a GPL licensed product and is safe and legal. Click to learn what isGPL AgreementClick to learnWordPress official website about GPL. Simply put using the GPL license plugin/theme source code open source sharing, can be legally free to change, use, distribution.


Plugin Security

Directly from foreign formal channels to buy, do not modify the source code. All plug-ins we use to build their own sites, used in a number of sites, safe, stable and reliable.

  1. ByVirustotal Antivirus Verification;.
  2. ByWordfenceSource code review.
  3. BySucuriSecurity antivirus scan.

Sucuri Scan Results


TranslatePress update method/record

General new version out within 24 hours of this site will be updated, then please visit this page directly to download the new version of the installation package upload update, the product title will be written on the latest version number. Can only be updated by uploading the installation package, mind not to shoot, if you want to update online please support the original version to go to the official website of the plug-in to buy.

Click to view the update history of this plugin (Changelog)


TranslatePress Download Purchase Terms

This site plug-in purchased from foreign sites, the purchase price is4.99 USD/pcIt is valid for 2 years. Diamo's unified selling price is 19 RMB per unit, which is valid for life, and it takes great effort to create a tutorial on how to use it and also provides a manual question and answer service, which is definitely worth the money.

Plugins are for learning and research purposes only, virtual products are reproducible and no refunds will be given once sold, please move to Terms of Service for details. Please login before purchasing, after purchase refresh the page to get access to download TranslatePress Business.

Diamo for the purchase of users to provide after-sales service, plug-in use any questions please leave a message in the comments below, there will be answers to questions.


Installation / Activation Method

Install the base version first, clickDownload Basic VersionThen install the advanced version (the installation package purchased and downloaded from this site).

Installation method 1: Upload and install

Find and click on "Plugins" > "Install Plugins" in the left menu bar of the website background, then click on "Upload Plugin" in the upper left corner, upload the downloaded zip installation package and click on "Install Now", after installation, click"Enable Plugin"Complete the installation.

Upload Plugin

Installation method 2.FTP installation

Unzip the plug-in package, put the unzippedFoldersUpload it to the plugins directory (
Find and click on "Plugins" > "Installed Plugins" in the left menu bar of the website background, find the plugin in the list of plugins, and click "Enable".

Enable Plugin


TranslatePress setup tutorial

If prompted with the following content, simply ignore it and all functions will work normally. Sometimes there is also a red circle1 prompt on the left side of the function bar, ignore it.

Pasted 134

If you want to remove the above 2 hints, put the following code into the (child) theme's functions.php: Appearance > Theme Editor, select (child) theme in the upper right corner, click to open the functions.php file, add the following CSS at the end of the document, click Save Changes.

/* Add CSS to hide error hints */
function admin_mycss() {
echo '
.trp-notice.notice.error, span.update-plugins.trp-update-plugins{display:none!important;}
'; }
add_action('admin_head', 'admin_mycss');

Note: If you have already added the code in the green box in the figure below, you don't need to add it again this time (for example, the Rank math plugin also adds the code in the green box to hide error hints). Just copy and paste the code in the blue box into the green box. Save and refresh the page after the prompt disappears.

Pasted 136


The following is a tutorial for setting up and using.

Click "Settings" under "Translation Sites" on the top bar of the website to enter the settings screen.

Pasted 8

First enter the "Additional Functions" setting. active (open) 4 functions as shown below, other functions please decide whether to open according to the actual situation.

Seo Pack feature translates small language SEO titles, SEO descriptions, URLs, sets HTML lang attributes, and SEO support for facebook and twitter social graph information. Make small languages SEO effective and get better rankings. ClickView Details. Multilingual sitemap supports all popular SEO plugins: Yoast SEO, Rank Math, AIOSEO, SEOPress.

Multiple Languages can add numerous minor languages when it is turned on, but only one can be added without it.

DeepL Automatic Translation is enabled for DeepL automatic translation, which is available in China and not blocked. It claims to be neural translation, and its accuracy is 4 times higher than its competitors. Mainland credit card can not be registered to open DeepL api, you need to go to Taobao to spend about 39 to buy a free api valid for life. If you use Google Automatic Translation (Free), this function does not need to be turned on.

Browse As User Role toggles the user identity in the manual translation screen, so that dynamic page content based on login/non-login status can be viewed and translated.

Additional function content setting

This feature, shown below, can be turned on to automatically switch to the appropriate language based on the visitor's IP address/browser language. When opened, a language selection box will pop up when the customer visits the website asking if the customer will automatically jump to the appropriate language.

Pasted 10


Next, go to the "General" section and set up the settings as shown below.

1 is the default language of the website, 2 is the language to be added, press 3 Add button to add the language.

Pasted 11

Set the language switch according to your personal preference, not to be specified here. Remember to click "Save".

Pasted 12

Pasted 13


Go to the "Automatic Translation" section, select Enable Automatic Translation and choose the translation engine. Each character is translated only once and then permanently stored in the database. One Chinese character = 2 characters, one English letter = 1 character (e.g. apple word counts as 5 characters), and one space counts as one character. 500,000 characters = 250,000 Chinese characters.

After filling in the API, it will show the number of translation characters used per day, and it is recommended to observe the first few days of use to avoid exceeding the limit.

Pasted 32

If the server is in the mainland, you can only choose DeepL translation (Google is blocked), fill in the DeepL API Key point to save after the site will automatically begin to translate, after 2-3 minutes to go to the foreground to switch to other languages can see the page content has been translated. If your site itself is good weight, after 10 minutes or so multilingual version will be indexed by search engines, can be searched in Google / Baidu.

DeepL free API Key canFree registration with a foreign credit cardIf you can't register, you can buy a lifetime copy of DeepL API Free on Taobao for about 39. Note that DeepL translation only supports25 languagesAPI Free is free for the first 500,000 characters per month (250,000 Chinese characters), and the credit will be automatically restored the next month. This amount can meet the needs of most websites.

Pasted 18

If the web server is abroad, you can use Google Translate, click to enterGoogle Translate API key registration tutorial. Google Translate is free for the first 500,000 characters per month, and charges $20 per million characters after that, clickView billing rates.

Google Translate api registration is very troublesome, need to bind the settlement account (so that more than the amount can deduct money). Remember to set up the HTTP referrer after opening the Google Translate API andSpending limitThis way the credit will not continue to be translated and deducted when it is used up. Diamo recommends that newbies use DeepL API Free is more convenient.

If you set more than 3 languages, the number of words in the article can easily exceed the translation quota, so pay attention to the use of free characters.

Pasted 14


If you can't figure out the API problem and can't translate automatically, you can install a translation aid pluginAutomatic Translate Addon For TranslatePress. This plugin allows you toManual translationWhen you click the button to automatically translate the entire page, you are using the Yandex free translation service. Note: You need to select the language first before clicking Auto Translate.


Other settings according to the picture. If you use Rank Math, Yoast and other plugins to remove the URL prefix/base from the Woocommerce product listings and details pages, be sure not to check Automatically Translate Slugs! Otherwise, the list page and product details page will not open. For specific reasons, please move to the following "Common problems and solutions".

Pasted 15


The "Advanced" section can modify some compatibility settings and enhance the translation function, if you encounter problems in the use of the process or want to implement some additional features, come to this section to see. By default, it is not recommended to modify the settings here, we have used this plug-in in several sites without any problems. So far the plug-in has been set up and can be used normally. For more details on the settings, pleaseView the official TP documentationIf you need to translate manually or correct the translation results manually, please see the tutorial below.

Pasted 16

Pasted 17


How to manually translate/correct translations

The translation of professional terms and company/brand names is generally not very accurate, especially the translation from Chinese to English and from English to Chinese. It is recommended to enter the manual translation interface to check the translation effect after the automatic translation is completed, and revise the unsatisfactory translation.

Click "Translate Website" at the top of the website to enter the translation interface.

Pasted 19

Enter the translation page and click on the content to be translated, the translation interface will pop up on the left, directly modify the translation and click on save. (Click the picture below to enlarge for clarity)



If you want to translate Seo titles, meta descriptions and so on, directly click on the red box to select the content.

Pasted 20

Enter the desired translation result in the other languages box and click "Save Translation" at the top to save it.

Pasted 21

Pasted 23


Click on "String translation" at the bottom (in English it shows String...)Website translationInterface. As mentioned above, if you remove the URL prefix /base from the product list page and the detail page, you cannot translate the URL, otherwise the page will not open and display 404.

Pasted 24

If you have not modified the URL structure and want to translate/modify the URL translation results manually, refer to the following figure for operation.

Pasted 25


Common problems & solutions.

1:Product list page, detail page display 404

If you use Rank Math, Yoast and other plugins with romve base feature to remove class prefixes and TranslatePress has enabled automatic translation url slug, it will cause 404 to be displayed on product listing pages and detail pages in translated languages.

This is a bug, I contacted the customer service of 2 plugins and they said they are not compatible. The solution is to disable the automatic translation of the url by leaving the "Settings" > "Automatically Translate" > "Automatically Translate Slugs" unchecked in TP.

If the product list page/detail page links are not restored to the default language after disabling the translation, it may be because the old translation has been translated before and saved. You need to enter the manual translation page, click "String Translation" or "String Translation" at the bottom left corner, delete the translation results of the product listing page and detail page title in other languages and then click Save. After clearing the cache, refresh the front page and it should be displayed normally.

The impact of not translating Url on SEO is negligible and basically negligible. Chinese website URLs are basically in Pinyin or English, and many English website images or page URLs are named with numbers or letters, which basically do not affect SEO.

Update April 10, 2022: The new version of Rank Math is compatible with WPML's auto-translation url slug feature, which is still not TP compatible, but sees a bit of light. I've sent this issue back to Rank Math and they replied that they are already fixing it.

Pasted 4


Please leave any questions, related needs in the comments below and we will follow up promptly.

Diamo specializes in foreign trade website / cross-border e-commerce stand-alone site construction, Google SEO optimization, etc. No renewal fee, high conversion rate.

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