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My major is English, join the computer association to learn to build websites. 2013, after graduation in Guangzhou, engaged in foreign trade so far. Do so many years of foreign trade contact a lot of foreign trade companies and factories. We know the difficulties of foreign trade enterprises, coupled with the impact of the epidemic, foreign trade people are struggling.

After studying MiCourse, I found out that independent website + SEO / social media attraction (N+1) is the best way to get the most out of your business.The best and lowest cost way to get customers. Independent sites can also better showcase the company's image, improve trust, and create private domain traffic. Perhaps because of cognitive differences, the vast majority of business leaders are very keen to invest in B2B platforms such as Alibaba International Station. Only a small number of people understand the advantages of independent foreign trade sites, put into action to build the official website of the enterprise in English is very little. ByForeign trade website production promotionto get quality customers and increase the amount of orders is absolutely proper foreign tradeBlue Ocean Market!

Ltd. was founded to help small and medium-sized enterprises go abroad to obtain quality clientele directly. Our positioning: high-end website building, low to medium price, first-class service, make the effect to spread by word of mouth. No renewal fee, open source code, website control to the customer.

Our Advantages

Fast speed

Load the page in about 1 second, disable unnecessary code, lossless image compression, locally hosted fonts, CDN acceleration, etc.

Good service

Patiently communicate and explain, timely reply/modify. Think from the customer's point of view and take the customer's interest as the basis to achieve customer satisfaction.

SEO Optimization

H1, Meta tags, internal link building, image Alt, SSL certificate, Robots making, Google/Bing/inclusion etc.

Operation guidance

Backend operation, independent modification of page content, SEO optimization, keyword analysis, TDK filling, external link building, etc.

Open Source

Use your server and domain name, you control the site ownership as well as the source code. No restrictions, no backdoors.

Marketing Website

Using the AIDA model, marketing methods and techniques are integrated into the design to arouse customer desire and increase inquiry/order rates.

Beautiful and easy to use

European and American popular fashion design language, unified style, attention to detail. Easy to operate and powerful backstage.


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Responsive Design

Studies show that over 60% of traffic to websites comes from mobile, and Google indexing and ranking is based on mobile. Diamo focuses on optimizing the design and speed of mobile to help you get more inquiries.
Responsive Design

E-commerce Sites Construction

Predicted that the share of domestic cross-border e-commerce exports by 2030 will grow at least 20% per year, which is a low-threshold entrepreneurial opportunity, proper windfall.

e commerce website building
B2B website building

Marketing B2B Offical Website Construction

What you get is not only an independent website, but also an efficient and low-cost customer acquisition platform. The website with Google SEO + SNS social media marketing, you can receive superior inquiries every month. Less than 1/20 of the cost of Alibaba, the effect is not worse than Ali.

Google SEO Optimization

Getting natural rankings through Google SEO is by far the lowest cost and most effective way to get customers. Diamo provides professional keyword optimization ranking services with stable results with white hat technology. Guaranteed results, no renewal fees.

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