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ZOHO Mailbox Registration Tutorial
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There is a person who said that because we introduced to open the ZOHO mailbox, so we have to be responsible for his lifetime to help solve all the mailbox problems free of charge. We do not accept moral abduction, mailbox problems please solve their own or change the mailbox, we are free to help only to provide advice to your own operation.

Note: ZOHO mailbox can not be used to send development letters, once the system detects the automatic suspension of the sending function, but it is very easy to unblock.ZOHO mailbox can only be used to chat about the business, the mail arrival rate is high, the price is cheap. It is recommended to use ZOHO mailbox to send development letter. Zoho Campaigns.

It is not recommended to take business mailbox to send development letter, now the whole world enterprise mailbox is boycotting spam, and it will limit the sending function if it is found. If the order chat to the stage of sending PI invoice because of sending development letter leads to mailbox blocked, the impact may be huge.

Most of the foreign trade orders are communicated and negotiated through mailboxes, and it is essential to do foreign trade enterprise mailboxes, which can not only send development letters to contact customers but also promote official website and enterprise image. The following picture is the screenshot of GoDaddy's enterprise mailbox advertisement, enterprise mailbox represents professional. It is not recommended to use Gamil as the main mailbox to communicate with customers.

Pasted 143

InFree Tencent Enterprise Mailbox Registration TutorialIn this article, we have compared the advantages and disadvantages of several mailboxes, among which the international version of ZOHO mailbox is the one with the highest cost performance and good arrival rate of sending and receiving letters. ZOHO enterprise mailbox is also used by Sam, the god of rice class materials.

Pasted 124

Because domestic foreign trade enterprises send too many development letters, resulting in many mailbox IPs being blocked by foreign pulling, so the arrival rate of domestic mailboxes (including paid) sending letters to foreign customers will not be very high. Especially QQ mailbox has not good reputation in the international, and will be prompted by Gmail, Outlook, etc. as spam.

US ZOHO enterprise mailbox is one of the best choices with good effect and high cost performance. The cost is charged according to the number of mailboxes opened, one mailbox 12 dollars a year. Google enterprise mailbox is as low as 72 dollars a year/one mailbox, only the tycoon can afford it.

Note: ZOHO mailbox is divided into international version ( and mainland version (, and you must register the international version to do foreign trade. I called and asked the customer service, the mainland version of ZOHO mailbox is mainly used for domestic inter-enterprise communication, and the rate of sending and receiving international letters is not very good.

If your domain name has been registered with other brand enterprise mailboxes before and you want to change it to ZOHO enterprise mailbox, just re-register it according to the following steps. When adding MX and other domain name resolution, you need to delete all relevant resolutions of previous mailboxes first, and then add ZOHO ones.

When you open a mailbox account, you can set the mailbox to be the same as the previous mailbox, so that old customers can receive emails smoothly when they send emails. You can also register different mailbox accounts and then add mailbox alias, set the alias to be the same as the previous mailbox, so that you can also receive emails from the previous mailbox.


ZOHO Mailbox Registration Tutorial

It is recommended to open scientific Internet tools (ladder software) first to avoid lagging. You need to prepare a domain name for opening enterprise mailbox first, and then you need to add several domain name resolutions, and log in the domain name management interface (the place to register domain name) first. If there is no domain name yet, register one according to the tutorial The Latest Namesilo Domain Registration Tutorial.


Create an account

Open to ZOHO mailbox official website is recommended to open the scientific Internet tool first), select "Business Email", enter your English name (pinyin is also OK) and an email address you are using, check the box to agree to the terms of service, and click "SIGN UP FOR FREE"

It is not recommended to enter phone number to register, because if you turn on the security login verification (enter cell phone SMS verification code), you need to bind a second cell phone number to do so. And we also have the possibility of changing cell phone number, it is better to use email to register.

Free ZOHO Enterprise EmailThere is no POP and IMAP function, so you can't use Foxmail and other software at the computer side (you can use app at the cell phone side), and you can only use the web version mailbox. It is not recommended to use free enterprise mailbox for foreign trade, and basic investment should be spared.

Pasted 102

Above↑ is the registration interface without ladder software. The following figure ↓ is the registration interface of the open ladder software with an additional address option, choose one at random.

image 1


If there is the following prompt "We are unable to create your account right now. Please contact", change your email address to register, there is a customer change outlook One customer changed his outlook email address.

image 3


Enter the email verification code received (perhaps into the spam mailbox) ↓, click "VERIFY".

image 5


The default option is to pay annually for a cheaper price.

Pasted 39

5G/User price is $1 a month, choose 10G/User price is $1.2 a month. Choose according to your needs, 5G is usually enough, click "Buy Now".

Pasted 40

Select Add existing domain name and click "Add now"↓.

Pasted 41

Enter the website address and company name, select the industry and click "Add Now/ Add".

Pasted 42

Click "Proceed to payment" to enter the payment interface.

Pasted 43


Payment for enterprise mailbox

You need to pay first to continue to create enterprise mailboxes. Enter the number of mailbox accounts you want to open and click "Continue". Pasted 45.

Pasted 44

Confirm the order information↓, click "Confirm" if there is no problem Pasted 47.

Pasted 46

Enter the billing information.

Pasted 48

Choose the payment method, either credit card with Visa, Master logo or Paypal, then click "Continue". Pasted 45.

Pasted 49

After completing the payment prompt the content of the picture below. Prompt or $6 or something like that ignore it, it's not helpful. Click on "Go to Workplace" Pasted 51.

Pasted 50


Add email domain

You have finished ZOHO account registration according to the above tutorial, now you need to verify the domain name ownership to finish adding the domain name and then create enterprise mailbox. Click "Complete setup now!" in the picture below to start verifying the domain name.

Pasted 52

Prompt to add the following TXT domain name resolution, enter your domain name resolution management background, add the following TXT records.

Pasted 54

Add TXT resolution by the following method, TTL keep the default do not select. The following figure is a screenshot of Cloudflare add domain name resolution, different domain name resolution merchant interface is different, but the content is the same. Select TXT, enter @ for the name, enter the content to be resolved, and click Save.

Pasted 53

After adding the resolution, go back to ZOHO email page and click "Verify TXT Record" to verify if the added resolution is correct. If the verification is not successful, it may be that some domain name servers are slow to take effect, wait for a few minutes and try again. It is also possible that the domain name resolution is added incorrectly, check and verify.

Pasted 55

If the resolution is added correctly, you will enter the following interface to start adding mailboxes. Enter the mailbox prefix you want and click "Create".

Pasted 56


After successful creation, you will enter the following screen, click "Proceed To Setup Groups →" at the bottom of the page.

Pasted 117

Pasted 58


Go to the "Groups" setting, "Groups" is the meaning of the mailbox group, generally not used, later add also OK. Skip, directly click "Proceed To DNS Mapping".

Pasted 118

Pasted 59


Priority is the weight, fill in as usual, only MX resolution needs to be filled in. If you do not know how to add, find someone else to help. We help customers to build a station will be free to help customers add domain name resolution or even free registration of enterprise mailbox.

Pasted 60

The following figure is the appearance after adding, DKIM that name is more special, the other four parsing name are entered@Just do it.

Pasted 61

Click "Verify All Records" after adding the resolution.

Pasted 62


If you parse correctly, you will enter the following page, "Data Migration" is the old mail relocation service, if your mailbox is opened through enterprise mailbox in other places before, use this service to relocate all old mails to ZOHO inbox. Here we skip this service and directly click "Proceed To Go Mobile" at the bottom.

Pasted 63

Pasted 64


Enter the following IMAP, POP, SMTP information interface, this is very important, take screenshots of all the content and save it. You need to use these contents to link mailbox to mail client. After saving, click "Proceed To Setup Completion".

Pasted 65

Pasted 66

Link method → IMAP POP SMTP
Server address/name
Port 993 995 465(SSL) or 587(TLS)
SSL Support (check SSL when binding)
Login User Name E-mail address
Login Password SMTP password (if any) or email password

Here ZOHO mailbox registration tutorial ends and the mailbox can be used normally. Click "Check out your inbox" to enter the web version inbox, and click "Go to Admin Console" to enter the mailbox control background.

The following is a tutorial, it is recommended to follow the tutorial to set the SMTP password for binding Foxmail and so on. Want to improve security higher recommended to open the login verification.

Pasted 67

Pasted 119


ZOHO Mail Tutorial

The following 3 commonly used URLs are recommended to bookmark your browser and will be used in the future.

1- Mailbox Console("Workplace"), here is the highest authority setting place, you can control all mailboxes under the account. For example, turn on/off multi-factor authentication uniformly.

2- ZOHO MailboxWeb-based InboxYou can send, receive and view emails here.

3- MailboxManagement Back Office, view individual mailbox usage, set individual mailboxes, etc.

The first time you enter the web version of your inbox, the following welcome window will pop up, click on the arrow to the right of the red box to switch to the second page of language options.

Pasted 68

Type english in the language and select "Chinese Simplified" from the result, you need to refresh the page after setting before it becomes Chinese.

Pasted 69

The third page is the mailbox name and signature setting.

Pasted 70

The fourth page is the backend interface color selection.

Pasted 71

Click on the fifth page to go to the Inbox.

Pasted 72


Change the default language of ZOHO mailbox

As mentioned in the tutorial above, the welcome screen will pop up when you enter the mailbox for the first time, and you can set the language on the second page. If you don't choose language at that time, you can enterPersonal Information PageClick "Edit" to change the language.

Pasted 78

Select Chinese.

Pasted 79


Familiar with ZOHO mailbox interface and functions

Like Google Enterprise Mail, ZOHO integrates mailbox into the office suite, so there are many functions in the mailbox interface, which makes people dazzled. In fact, many functions are other functions of office suite, which are not related to mailboxes, so just ignore them.

Pasted 83


The left side of the mailbox ↓ is the calendar, contacts, etc., a glance to understand without explanation.

Pasted 84


You can check the capacity and expiration time of your mailbox by clicking the header image, and there are entrances to "My Account" and "Management Console".

Pasted 85

Pasted 86


Click the gear below to enter mailbox shortcut settings, you can set mailbox signature, incoming/outgoing mail interface layout, anti-spam mailbox and so on.

Pasted 87

Pasted 90

Pasted 91


How to upgrade your ZOHO free email to a paid email address

Free ZOHO enterprise mailbox can't use SMTP, that is to say, it can't bind Foxmail to send and receive emails, and there are a lot of function limitations. If you want to upgrade to a paid mailbox, follow the tutorial below. If the payment failed during the process of registering paid ZOHO mailbox, resulting in the opening of free mailbox, you can also follow this tutorial to upgrade paid mailbox.

Mailbox in login status, click to enter the administration backend:., click the Upgrade button in the upper right corner (below).

image 7


Select "Annual Payment", then select the mailbox capacity and click "Upgrade".

image 8, ,


Click "Continue", note: you can only upgrade the paid packages for all the mailboxes you have created, you can't upgrade a mailbox individually.

image 9


How many mailboxes have been created will show how many plans are purchased, for example, in the picture below there are 4 free business mailboxes under the customer's account, so it automatically shows that 4 paid mailbox packages need to be purchased.

image 10


image 11


Enter the billing information.

image 12

Choose the payment method, you can choose a credit card with Visa, Master logo or Paypal, click "Pay" or "Continue". image 13 Follow the process to complete the payment.

image 14

After completing the payment, you will be prompted with the image below. If it says $6 or something like that, ignore it, it doesn't help.

image 16


Go to Admin the top right corner of the subscription plan shows "Email Lite", it means that the upgrade is completed. Click "License" to view the package details↓.

image 18

image 19



How to add a new mailbox account to ZOHO mailbox?

Foreign trade enterprises generally need to open multiple mailbox accounts under one domain name. Login mailbox and enterMailbox Management ConsoleGo to the user section and click "Add".

Pasted 108

ZOHO enterprise mailboxes are charged by the number of accounts/users, one mailbox/user is $12 per year. New mailboxes need to be purchased.

Pasted 109

Click on "Upgrade User/ Add-ons" ↓ in the middle of the page on the right.

Pasted 110

Select the number of mailbox accounts you want to add and click "Continue". Don't choose other options, it's useless and a waste of money.

Pasted 111

Confirm the order content, and click "Pay" if there is no problem.

Pasted 112

Payment successful↓.

Pasted 113

Re-entryMailbox Management ConsoleClick the "Add" button. Click "Add".

Pasted 108

Enter the information as shown and click "Add".

Pasted 114

Create mailbox/user successfully. If you want to continue to recommend new mailboxes, click "Add more users". If you want to set the content of the new mailbox, click "Go to created users". To open SMTP password for the new mailbox, see the tutorial below↓.

image 6


How to set SMTP password for ZOHO mailbox?

To put the email linkFoxmaiIt is recommended to set an additional SMTP password to improve security. It is specially used for logging into the third party client.

Open and login on "Generate a new password".

Note: Log in to whichever mailbox you want to set the SMTP password for to operate. If you areIf you just added a new mailboxYou need to log out of your current account first, then use the new email to log in and then set SMTP password.

Pasted 116

Enter an English name and click "Generate".

Pasted 74

The red box is SMTP password, save it. You need to input this password when linking Foxmail and other third party clients, you don't need to input mailbox password.

Pasted 75

The following image shows that the SMTP password has been generated.

Pasted 77


ZOHO how to mailbox binding cell phone / computer client

You need to turn on the appropriate permissions before binding. Mailbox login status, access to the Mailbox Settings > "Mailbox Account" settings page as shown below. Click Enable POP, IMAP, SMTP.

image 21

image 22

image 23


ZOHO has its own mobile email client software, go to Google Play Store or Apple Store to searchZOHO MailIf you can't open the Google Play Store on your Android phone, you can download the app by clickingZOHO mail apk installer.

The computer side is recommended to useFoxmailSending and receiving emails is more convenient and can also be done usingZOHO Official PC Software.

Note: Mobile APP domestic and international versions are common, by default APP login interface is login domestic ZOHO mailbox, input international mailbox account login will prompt this account does not exist. You need to click the earth icon COM↓ in the upper right corner of the picture below to switch to the international mailbox login interface.

Pasted 93

Cell phone can also use QQ mailbox, Netease mailbox master and other APP to bind ZOHO mailbox to realize sending and receiving, refer to the following binding Foxmail tutorial. Binding client needs to fill in SMTP and other information, check the table below.

Link method → IMAP POP SMTP
Server address/name
Port 993 995 465(SSL) or 587(TLS)
SSL Support (check SSL when binding)
Login User Name E-mail address
Login Password SMTP password (if any) or email password


Foxmail on the computer side is bound by the following steps.

Click the Settings button in the upper right corner of Foxmail and click "Account Management".


Click "New".


Select another mailbox.

Pasted 80

Select "Manual Settings".

Pasted 81

Enter the information and click Create. If you have set SMTP password in the password field, enter SMTP password, if you have not set it, enter your email password.

Pasted 82

Add email successfully

Pasted 36


How to set mailbox alias for ZOHO mailbox?

Login to your email and open this URL, click the mailbox you want to set an alias for ↓.

Pasted 37

Add mailbox aliases by clicking the button in numerical order.

Pasted 38

Enter the display name and mailbox prefix and click "Add".

Pasted 106

After you finish adding, you can see the mailbox alias you just added↓.

Pasted 107


How to relocate emails in ZOHO mailbox

If you have used the same mailbox before, you can move all the previous emails to consoleClick on "Start Migrating Data" and follow the steps.View detailed tutorial. Move in and enterWeb-based mailboxThe corresponding emails can be seen.

image 20

After binding Foxmail, a window will pop up automatically asking if you want to import emails between, just follow the steps.



How to renew ZOHO mailbox?

ZOHO mailbox adopts automatic renewal deduction mode, you need to bind credit card and Paypal in advance, and deduction will be made automatically when it expires. If the deduction fails, you need to bind a new credit card and Paypal, and then deduction will be made automatically.

If you are in arrears, you will be reminded to renew your subscription at the top of the web mailbox, click "Renew/Renew" to enter the payment method setting page as below. Click "Renew" to bind a valid credit card or Paypal (the previous binding may expire or the balance is insufficient to cause charge failure).

Pasted 145

Enter your credit card information and click "Update Profile" to verify, ZOHO will automatically deduct the fee, the card verification code refers to the back of the card in the center position of the right most of the three black italicized numbers. If you want to bind Paypal, click "Payment" and follow the steps.

Pasted 146


ZOHO mailbox sending restrictions, blocked and release methods

In order to avoid spam and control costs, all mailboxes have sending limits, and ZOHO is no exception, click to viewZOHO Email Restriction DetailsWe can increase the limit to 2500 per day. We can increase the shipping limit to 2500 letters per day, but there is an additional charge, please contact customer service for

Note: ZOHO has bounced mail monitoring, if there are many bounced mails sent out, it will cause the mailbox to be blocked automatically. Recipients should be verifiedIs the email address real and validIf the content of the email contains words or links that can be easily blocked.

If you are suddenly unable to send emails, log in toWeb-based InboxSend a random email. The following screenshot should appear at the top, telling us the error code of why we can't send emails, take a screenshot and save it. Try to click "Click here" to unblock the emails by yourself first, if you succeed, it will be back to normal.

Pasted 125

If there is no option to unblock yourself, or if the unblocking is unsuccessful, contact customer service to deal with it. 把刚才保存的错误代码截图发送到 and support@zohomail.com帮忙解封. Most mailboxes are blocked because they send spam too often or contain unfriendly content.


ZOHO receives 2 identical duplicate emails

If you choose POP mode when you bind Foxmail or other software, the emails sent out from the website via SMTP will also enter the inbox of the outgoing mailbox. This serves as a reminder and we quite like this feature.

If the website form is set to receive inquiries with the same email address as the sending email address, it will result in receiving 2 identical emails. The solution is to use IMAP mode to rebind Foxmail, or put thereception (of transmitted signal)The e-mail address of the inquiry is set to another e-mail address.


image 24



ZOHO Mailbox FAQ

1- If you open the mandatory multi-factor authentication after registering account, you will be required to bind the verification cell phone number first when you log in mailbox with webpage and APP (SMTP login need not be verified). And you can't bind the cell phone number used by registered mailbox.

Because the registered cell phone number is the recovery/modify email password number by default, ZOHO requires that the login verification cell phone number cannot be the same as the recovery number.

There are 2 solutions.

Method 1: This is the most convenient method, which is to directly close the multi-factor authentication, loginMailbox Management ConsoleClick the button below to turn off the mandatory multi-factor authentication. No need to authenticate when logging into mailbox after closing.

Pasted 100

Above is to close all mailbox multi-factor authentication under the account, each mailbox account can still loginProfileEnable/disable multi-factor authentication individually ↓.

Pasted 104


Method 2: Directly follow the prompt to bind cell phone number to open security login verification, so that the security is also higher. After the bound cell phone number passes the verification, you can successfully log in the mailbox. If you want to modify the bound cell phone number later, enterMobile Number Change PageClick on Add Mobile Number at the bottom of the pagePasted 95Add a new cell phone number.

Click the round button next to the new numberPasted 98Change the number to "multi-factor authentication mobile number".

Pasted 105

Click the delete button next to the number to delete the cell phone number that you have tied at the beginning.

Pasted 99


2- The zip file attachment in the email opens with an error:

ZOHO restricts access to this type of attachment by default, so clicking to open it will result in an error. You need to save as and open it or set it to "Public" in the picture below.

image 37


Article out of date? Have a better opinion? Have a question? Please leave your comments below and we will follow up.

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