Excellent foreign trade host recommended (2023), with server registration tutorial + advantages and disadvantages of in-depth comparison

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The host is also called the server, the foreign name is hosting, server. foreign trade host is one of the most most important factors in the construction of independent foreign trade station, it directly determines the stability of the site and page speed.

In our experience, most website problems are caused by server quality failures, and many website operations require access to the server administration backend. Google speed test sometimes prompts "Please shorten the initial server response time".

Server quality will also affect SEO, poor quality servers with long response times and slow cards. The speed of Google and other crawlers crawling data will be affected, leading to the inclusion/updating of website content slowly, or even not updated/included. It may also cause the mobile device suitability test to fail.

Many customers use our tutorials and plug-ins to optimize the speed of their websites, Google speed test scores have been greatly improved. However, some of the website scores stuck there can not go up, we analyzed and found that their web server response time is too long ↓. The best cure is to simply replace the server with a better quality one.

Pasted 99

Google's official response time on the server is longExplanation↓.

Pasted 123

Some bloggers will mention the use of CDN can improve the server response time, that is only to cure the symptoms, the effect is general. Some resources on the web always need to be obtained from the server, and some operations and content acquisition will also return to the source.

Most people buy foreign trade hosts are listening to others or read some articles, but most bloggers only say the advantages do not mention the disadvantages, and so the reader to buy the server back only to find that it is not suitable for their site. God of information Sam recommended Linode, Yan Sir recommended Hostinger, Hunk recommended Siteground, and many bloggers recommended Vultr.

We use our customers' own servers to build websites and have come across many brands of servers to understand their advantages and disadvantages. We have compiled this article to help you make a judgment and select the right server/host for your business.

First of all, we recommend using Vultr VPS server to build a website, it is the most cost-effective NVMe VPS server with the latest AMD CPU. fast, good performance and stable. Click to enter .

The chart below shows the Google speed test results of one of our website builder customers' foreign trade website, using Vultr server, NVMe hard disk, US server room.

Pasted 29 Pasted 30

Let's start withFind out what shared/web hosting and VPS hosting are.


What is shared/web hosting (server)?

Shared hosting, also called virtual hosting, splits a standalone server into many shared servers. Many shared servers share a common IP address, CPU, memory, disk, etc. (so shared hosting generally does not list the parameters of the server configuration).Websites between shared hosts can affect each other, reducing performance, speed, security, andVery bad for SEO.

Shared hosting is similar to sharing a room, where each person has a bed and shares the living room, toilet, washing machine, etc. Therefore, shared hosting is the cheapest hosting on the market, and the performance is also the worst. In order to balance the performance and resources of each shared server, the hosting merchant will set various restrictions, such as limiting CPU usage, disk read/write rate, number of websites, monthly visits, etc. The excess will prompt an upgrade package.

Shared web hosting is usually slow because businesses try to maximize profits by cramming as many customer websites as possible onto the same server. This can lead to under-allocation of resources and websites grabbing each other's resources resulting in slower, lagging websites and increased risk of network security attacks.


  1. Good service, with online customer service, free website relocation and other services.
  2. Free regular automatic backup function, so that problems can be restored with one click;
  3. Generally there are free enterprise mailboxes, but the arrival rate of sending letters is low in general into the junk mailbox, it is not recommended to use;
  4. Usually free domain names are given away, but the renewal price is much higher, and the overall calculation is better than going toNamesiloRegistration of your.
  5. Pre-deployed server environment (LNMP, LAMP, etc.), out-of-the-box and suitable for novices.
  6. Optimization of servers, which are generally good in terms of stability, speed, etc., such as Siteground;



  1. Share ip address, CPU, memory, etc. with other websites. Speed and SEO results are difficult to optimize.
  2. Limit CPU performance, disk read/write rate, monthly accesses, etc. Overage requires package upgrade.
  3. Better service and more features, and therefore 1-3 times more expensive than VPS hosting of the same configuration.
  4. Many restrictions in various aspects, unlike VPS, which can be tossed around and installed with various extensions and applications.
  5. Deep schemes, various schemes for customers to upgrade their packages and more than 2 times the renewal price.
  6. Generally charged on an annual basis, with high financial pressure and no refunds for midway withdrawals.

The main target customers of shared hosting are white people, because they do not have the skills to configure servers and so on and do not want to spend time and energy to get. Although shared hosting is a bit more expensive, but bought immediately available, there is a key recovery function with human customer service, the perfect cut in the white pain points.

Profit-seeking is the nature of capital, shared hosting can not avoid overselling, being limited performance, etc. It is not suitable for building Elementor, Woocommerce and other websites with high performance requirements, nor is it suitable for websites that require SEO optimization.

The vast majority of foreign trade people who do not know how to build a website will buy SiteGround or Hostinger server, although the price is high but the reputation, good speed, moderate price. Foreign trade sites are not optimized for general access, so do not feel the CPU, disk limit effect of shared hosting. SAM also recommends SiteGround server.

In fact, a better choice is to buy a VPS server (independent host), install the Pagoda panel and WordPress, better performance and speed, lower prices! God of information SAM said VPS server is difficult to configure, the vast majority of white foreign trade people can not get, so he did not recommend much.

We wrote aVultr server handy build tutorialIn addition, each step is accompanied by a detailed graphic explanation, and a white person can configure and optimize a good VPS server + install WordPress in 30 minutes, the website effect is not worse than SiteGround, and through our invitation link to register to enjoy free technical guidance / Q&A.


What is VPS hosting?

VPS (Virtual Private Server)It is a dedicated hosting/server, where a merchant splits a server into many virtual private servers. Unlike shared servers, each VPS server is assigned a separate IP address, separate operating system, separate space, separate memory, separate CPU, separate bandwidth, etc. The servers are completely independent of each other and there are no limitations on CPU performance, disk read/write rates, etc.

VPS hosting vendors usually only give a bare metal machine, no management panel and environment installed, the buyer needs to build their own environment, setup, optimization, etc.. Customer service is only responsible for some basic maintenance, and does not provide technical support maintenance and other services, so most of the server problems encountered need to be handled by themselves.

If you do not know how to configure the server, you can go on Taobao and spend a few dozen dollars to find someone to get it and install WordPress.Vultr Purchase Tutorial》Purchase VPS server, we provide free guidance to configure the server environment, optimization settings, etc.


  1. independent ip, independent environment, so that search engines faster and more friendly crawl > index > included, SEO better;
  2. Better performance, higher stability, faster speed. Independent CPU, memory, disk, no limitations like read/write rates;
  3. Cheap price, onlySame performanceHalf the price of a shared server, or even less.
  4. Having more control, scalability and the ability to build many functions.
  5. Hourly billing, monthly deduction, same price for renewal, no financial pressure.


  1. Need to deploy their own environment (LNMP, etc.), build features, optimize the server, and discourage small white people.
  2. no online customer service (so the VPS price is lower), problems can only check their own documents or submit a work order to contact customer service;
  3. not provide free enterprise mailbox service, and need to install it by themselves.
  4. Automatic backup/restore function for an additional cost, or you can install it yourself.
  5. If you do not know how to optimize and so on, low configuration VPS may not run smoothly and all kinds of problems.


Hosted VPS Hosting

VPS is good for everything, but you need to know the technology to install the system, environment configuration parameters and so on by yourself, and is not suitable for white people. But if the site performance and speed requirements are high, do not want to use shared hosting, there is no technical optimization VPS how to do? This situation is suitable for the purchase ofHosted VPS Hosting.

Hosted VPS hosting is simply a third-party company that rents a dedicated VPS server, deploys its own environment to add features, optimize speed and security, and then rents out VPS hosting (not shared hosting) to provide comprehensive 7x24 service support.

The benefit of a hosted VPS is that it combines all the advantages of both a VPS server and a shared server, providing unparalleled speed, stability and manual service. It is especially suitable for cross-border e-commerce websites as well as high traffic websites, and is preferred by high-end users/large websites. The only disadvantage is that the price is double or more expensive than a regular VPS with the same configuration.

Kinsta, , , Cloudways Cloudways is known as the fastest Wordpress host and is one of the most popular hosting merchants in recent years. It hovers in the first and second position in Facebook's most popular hosting poll, please move below for more details.


LiteSpeed Hosting

LiteSpeed Pasted 21 LiteSpeed is similar to Apache and Nginx, and is a server software name.

The LiteSpeed host that everyone is talking about is actually the host with LiteSpeed software installed, which is basicallyShared Hosting. You can also rent your own VPS host to install the open source version of LiteSpeed software into LiteSpeed hosting, but the speed and such is not as good as renting the genuine LiteSpeed host.

Apache, Nginx, compared to the least CPU, LiteSpeed, better performance, faster, better security, and deep optimization of WordPress. Apache, Nginx is the open source free version, you can use as you like. But LiteSpeed is a commercial software, you need to pay to buy, the price is more expensive than VPS server!

LiteSpeed has a free version called OpenLiteSpeed, which is less powerful and less performant than LiteSpeed, but still a little faster than Apache and Nginx. Because the price is very expensive, so the LiteSpeed servers sold on the market are basicallyShared Hosting.

. Because shared hosting can be installed on many sites, the cost is greatly reduced by sharing down, and the gimmick of LiteSpeed can also boost sales.

Vultr also hasOpenLiteSpeed WordPress hosting, interested in click to viewVultr Purchase Registration Tutorial.

Pasted 22

Pasted 92

Among the many LiteSpeed servers, the most "famous" one is Hostinger. "Famous" has two meanings, one is the most famous and well known, and the other is the reputation and hosting is not good to be scolded out of the flower. For more details, please refer to the following Hostinger hosting introduction.

Don't go overboard with LiteSpeed servers, which are theoretically faster and can handle more concurrency, but for the vast majority ofSmall and medium-sizedIt's about as fast as Nginx for websites. And LiteSpeed requires a very specialized configuration and requires special caching plugins and such, with many limitations.

Nginx compatibility (such as firewalls) and stability is much better, more mature, much better compatibility, is still the mainstream server system. It is recommended to build small and medium-sized website using Nginx, build a station group someone feedback using Nginx server to open thefastcgi_cache cacheFaster than LiteSpeed.


Conclusion: Shared hosting high price, poor performance, ease of use with human services, suitable for white users transitional use. Hosted VPS is good in all aspects, but the price is too high, the rich buy it, civilians bypass. liteSpeed host compatibility is not good enough, difficult to use, small and medium-sized sites can not play its speed advantage is very chicken.

For the vast majority of foreign trade, independent VPS host is currently the most appropriate choice for foreign trade to build a website, cost-effective, good performance and speed, the first choice for building a website. Recommended to register U.S. Vultr high-performance VPS server, click into .

The following is a comparison of the advantages and disadvantages of the major mainstream servers to help you further understand the situation of the major hosts.


Mainstream foreign trade host recommendation comparison

Kinsta, Wpengine The server performance is good and fast belonging to the high-end host, but the price is high (minimum 20 U.S. dollars / month) to build a foreign trade website cost is too high, not recommended. The following comparison of servers are more well-known, cost-effective for building foreign trade stand-alone sites, cross-border e-commerce sites.

Build B2B independent website and B2C e-commerce website recommendationUseVultr VPS Server. Good performance, low price ($6/month), fast, stable, and supports payment by Alipay. If you are a white person will not install their own pagoda panel, WordPress program, it is recommended that Taobao spend a few dozen dollars to find someone to install.

Sign up for Vultr hosting through our link and get freeThis site 2 for $20 toDownPaid plugins/theme. ClickView Details.



VPS hosting, the oldest and largest manufacturer, used to be the number one server, running super stable, many technicians use it. It is one of the most conscientious server merchants, its servers have been playing stable for so many years, and it supports refunds within 7 days.

Then DigitalOcean was born with low cost high performance servers to bring down the server price, and Linode price was also reduced. Then Vultr appeared with high-frequency servers to challenge DigitalOcean, and as a result, the price of Linode came down again.

Now Linode 1G1H VPS hosting price is only $5/month, while maintaining high performance.Linode is a very good host, and it is also recommended by the god of rice class material in his personal blog.Diamo also used Linode to build the site at the beginning, and had a good experience in all aspects of use, with no problems.It will automatically help you backup your website data before you delete the server in arrears, and the server can be restored by backup even if it is deleted, which is super considerate.

We build the site using the customer's own server, because it does not support payment methods such as Alipay, and binding credit cards can not be unbundled for many customers is very inconvenient; plus the connection SMTP to send mail to port 465 closed by default, you need to submit a work order + set rdns contact customer service to open a bit of trouble, so now we do not actively recommend customers to use.

Akamai's main business is CDN, mainly for large enterprise customers, so hopefully this acquisition will not have a bad impact on Linode's small and medium-sized user sites.

UPDATE: Akamai Linode adjusts product pricing effective April 1, 2023, increasing prices for all products except Nanode plans by 20%. one more reason not to pick Linode.



The world's fourth largest VPS hosting business, hosting and Linode as good as the industry conscience, excellent performance, stability, support for refunds within 7 days. Performance and cost performance and Linode, Vultr about the same, to build a foreign trade website is also very good.

DO not support WeChat, Alipay payment, no DDOS protection, it is not recommended to build foreign trade independent station. The same as Linode does not open the ladder software access speed is not very good, its affiliate marketing commissions can not be withdrawn so few domestic bloggers to promote their machines.

Premium high frequency NVME SSD hosting ($6/month) was launched in '21 to rival Vultr's high frequency NVME hosting ($6/month). Some bloggers tested it and found that Vultr's performance and response time is better.



VPS server, by far the most cost-effective high main frequency NVME hosting. One of the most popular servers used by national people to build websites.Multiple awards for best VPS under $10. 1G1H SSD regular performance VPS hosting price $5/month, 1G1H NVME high performance VPS hosting $6/month. It has grown rapidly over the years, and its total number of servers has surpassed Linode and DigitalOcean combined.

Vultr registration is recommended because of the following advantages compared to servers such as Linode.

  1. Servers use ultra-fast NVMe hard drives that are faster than SSD drivesMany times faster;.
  2. Numerous packages, with various configurations and software, systems;
  3. Easy and inexpensive snapshot backup function.
  4. Accepting payment by Alipay.
  5. Support for refunds at any time (return of the machine), payment through Alipay is only supported within 90 days;
  6. Good performance, speed, cost effectiveness and reputation.
  7. Direct access speed without opening the ladder software mainland can be.
  8. The SSL 465 port for sending mail is not closed.
  9. Easy one-click configuration upgrade, with separate upgrades for hard disk space and bandwidth.


Vultr has also launched OpenLiteSpeed WordPress hosting in the picture below, which is faster than regular hosting.

Pasted 22

Pasted 92

Diamo now uses Vultr by default to build foreign trade websites, which is stable, high-speed and trouble-free. Many customers' websites run well in Vultr without any problems, so we strongly recommend you to use ☞ .

The graph below shows the GTmetrix speed test results for one of our client sites, which is using Vultr 1G1H HF server + Astra ProTopics + Elementor ProBuild. After our speed optimization the home page is completely loaded in 0.6 seconds and the first screen content is displayed in 0.4 seconds, which is very fast.

Pasted 10



Cloudways is one of the best reputation + best performance managed VPS hosting, in some aspects even better than high-end Kinsta hosting, supporting refunds at any time. Stable performance, super-fast speed plus great service make Cloudways a hit with major foreign bloggers.

You can see many users praising it in the Facebook hosting community, and many bloggers abroad recommend using it. It has one thing to praise, if you rent a long-term server at once you can temporarily return the machine, it will return the money for the remaining time, and the renewal fee maintains the original price. Only those who are confident enough in their hosting and services can dare to make such a promise.

Cloudways doesn't have its own servers, it rents the server rooms of 5 companies (below) and optimizes them before renting them out, which is equivalent to a second landlord. Although it is a second landlord, the performance and memory of the servers are exclusive and not limited. Moreover, the original server is optimized by the "landlord".In performance, safety, speedIt is super suitable for building cross-border e-commerce stand-alone sites, with significant improvements in all aspects, plus quality services.

The same Vultr server built website after we optimize the site speed can go to about 0.7 seconds, if you use Cloudways server speed directly up to about 0.5 seconds, and Google speed test cell phone speed test score directly to about 95 points.

Cloudways VPS

Cloudways' Vultr 1G1H high-bandwidth server is the most popular and has the best performance, with a price of $13/month, and was once sold out. If you ask Cloudways what are the disadvantages, I thinkOverpricedIt is one.

If you go directly to Vultr official website to rent the same 1G1Cloudways $13/month price can be rented directly from Vultr official 1G server.2H of HF server.

Cloudways add-on also costs money, so the price is beyond many people's budget, so few people in China can afford to use it. But it also gives a high commission, plus the machine is really good, so there are many bloggers recommended.

Our goal is to make a cost-effective website, so we don't recommend Cloudways, but for the same price, you can buy a higher configuration server (such as Vultr), which is a little bit slower than Cloudways, but also faster.

If you have the money to pursue a smooth experience fast, Cloudways is a very good choice. To register, we suggest you refer to the article of Sam, the material god.Introduction to Cloudways and tutorials on how to use itThe article, which includes a coupon code, is written in detail.


SiteGround (Not recommended)

SiteGround (SG for short) hosting used to be the most popularShared HostingSiteGround is a good choice for hosting, cost-effective, fast, stable operation, good service and full functionality. SiteGround is a household name that is basically mentioned in articles recommending hosting on the web.

SiteGround is ranked #1 in the Facebook poll, uses Google Cloud Server, and is recommended by many bloggers. It can be said that it has the best price/performance ratio, speed and balance among shared hosting in the same price range, and it is not unreasonable to get the sales crown.

SiteGroundHost advantages.

  1. Fast WordPress backend and good frontend speed.
  2. Higher parameters than other brands of shared hosting for the same configuration.
  3. Distributed cloud hosting with SSDs.
  4. Deeply optimized WordPress with 3 levels of caching and good speed;
  5. Moderate prices for the first rental (2.5 times the renewal fee), in line with the public budget.
  6. Live Chat human service support.
  7. High security, with professional firewalls and bot blockers, automatic backups.
  8. 30-day money-back guarantee.

SG has many advantages and is a very good shared hosting, but it has the same obvious disadvantages. 19 years after the addition of investors to chase profits began to die, Facebook group search " SiteGround ", you may see a lot of complaints, even if SG has been removing bad reviews The company has been in the process of removing the bad reviews.

The server oversold severely leading to a great performance drop, excessive restrictions on CPU performance. Before also limit the number of bound sites, in order to reduce costs offline Live Chat function customer service quality decline, a look at cPanel price increase immediately switched to Site Tools ...

Pasted 24

Pasted 126

When you search for SG polls on Facebook, you will find that many SG users are switching to Cloudways, A2 hosting, Kinsta, etc.

In the past, SG CDN used Cloudflare CDN, which has both paid and free packages. Later on, in order to make more money, SG CDN canceled the cooperation with Cloudflare, and changed to use its own SiteGround CDN (free and paid packages), but the acceleration effect and function is not as good as that of Cloudflare, which is worse and worse in order to make money.

SiteGroundHost disadvantages.

  1. Short-term rentals are very expensive and long-term rentals are financially stressful.
  2. About 2.5 times the price of renewal!Super expensive.
  3. Finding people to falsely advertise, brush the number of votes, delete bad reviews, and turn bad reputation.
  4. Various restrictions after the visit up, start card(To allow users to upgrade their packages);.
  5. Limiting the number of bound sites and the number of visits, and the GrowBig package is too small with only 20G of space;
  6. Additional fees for changing rooms.
  7. Unable to install pagoda panels and the like, too few Site Tool features.
  8. Use of the Cloudflare CDN requires the use of its domain name resolution service.
  9. TTFBAs well as long server response time, which is not conducive to speed optimization.


Another point we feel SG Server is not so good is that there is not much room for optimization. It uses its own cache and plug-ins, which is great for the novice user. However, it is not suitable for tech-savvy people who love to tinker, because the guide cannot use other caching solutions.

Pricing schemes and various restrictions are the biggest pitfalls of SG servers!The lowest StartUp package can only bundle one website, only 10G hard drive capacity, limited to 10,000 visits per month (crawler visits also count), simply not enough!

There are 4 lengths of time available when you purchase the GrowBig package.Corresponding to 4 kinds of prices(Data as of April 10, 2022).

GrowBig Pricing Plan

Package Length1 month12 Months24 months36 months
Monthly rent29.99 USD6.99 USD14.99 USD17.49 USD
Total package rental29.99 USD80.28 USD359.76 USD629.64 USD

See the problem? $29.99 This monthly price can buy a higher-end dedicated hosting with N times higher configuration, this price isReferenceThe price is to set off the other packages. Renting 24 months and 36 months monthly rent instead is more expensive than renting 12 months, this is SG's scheme! Deliberately let people choose the 12-month length package.

Why? BecauseMany times the price of SG renewal feeFor example, at the beginning of the 12-month GrowBig package price is $6.99/month, renewal 1 year price is $24.99/month ↓, renewal 2 years price is $19.99/month ↓.

Pasted 137

(The above chart shows the renewal price of GrowBig package on May 20, 2023↑)

Some people think about changing their account after expiration and continue to buy new servers at a discounted price, but SG's wool is not that easy to pull. The new account cannot be bound to the domain name of the previous account, nor can you use the credit card or other payment of the previous account.

In contrast, Vultr 1H1G HF server is only $6 a month, with monthly payments and the same renewal price. SG provides so many advantages and services, so we will definitely earn it back in various ways.

The SG backend speed is good, after all, the use of Google Cloud Server, but the frontend speed is not as fast as advertised, the test results are not as good as Vultr. if your business just started, you can first rent SG server temporary use, the package expires and then move the site to other servers. Diamo recommends renting a better VPS server directly in one step, recommending .

Note: Woocommerce built cross-border e-commerce standalone site has high hosting requirements, it is not recommended to use SG server to build, because after the visit up SG will limit the CPU, read and write rate, etc.. If you are rich and capricious, when I did not say.

Double the price

By the way, SG'sRobot InterceptorThere is a bug. there was an accident that blocked the Google ad program, resulting in the Google ad prompt landing page URL is invalid. I sometimes open the ladder software to visit some foreign SG built website, will also be blocked as a robot, turn off the ladder access normal. If the customer access is blocked, most likely turn around and go away.

Bottom line: SG is not the SG it used to be, it has become more expensive, slower, and there are a ton of better alternatives on the market.

page invalid


2023-05-20 Update: I recently built a website with several customers' SG servers (GrowBig package) and found that the backend as well as the frontend are slower than before.

Many customers come to us to build a website or buy a theme or something like that, and everyone basically chooses SG server. Although it is not the best choice, it is the most convenient, comfortable and effective solution for white people.

The site has been recommended by many bloggers, including Sam, because the SG server is really suitable for newbies, and is better than other shared hosts in all aspects, and has the highest visibility.

Hostinger and other servers said to be faster, but in fact oversold serious, restrictions are also more, the reputation is not. The server is not as stable and reliable as the SiteGround server, but the A2 server is good, but the quality of customer service is poor, and the ease of use is not as good as SG, so SG had the courage to die.

Although VPS servers like Vultr are more cost effective and faster, the threshold is a bit high for a white person to use. You need to configure your own, bad configuration may not be as fast as SG server GrowBig package server. Speed SG gives a high commission, the name is also big, major bloggers recommend SG server.

For people who love to toss and turn, and have higher requirements for speed, performance and cost effectiveness, of course, choose the best VPS server. Do not know how to configure the server can find the next tutorial, or Taobao a few dozen to find others to optimize. If you put the number of sites, the advantages of VPS servers are more obvious.


Hostinger(Not recommended)

It's famous for the past few years and is known as the cheapest LiteSpeed hosting that only accepts refunds within 30 days. The server usesliteSpeed Technology, with LiteSpeed cache plug-in site speed, m classYan SirRecommend it says fast to the scalp.

We actually received a lot of feedback and saw a lot of bloggers' comments about Hostinger. The general feeling is that Hostinger servers are not of good quality and often have problems. For the same price, Hostinger has less CPU and memory, slower SATA SSD disks, and serious overselling.

The image below shows a customer's website Google speed test prompted the problem that Hostinger server response time is too long.

Pasted 99

Pasted 122

Hostinger was exposed to painting fake sales inTrustPilotWriting fake comments, voting for myself in Facebook polls, being boycotted by a large group of foreign bloggers writing articles, and having a bad reputation.

Pasted 19


The following is a quote from a well-known American speed blogger TOM article, clickView original article.

Pasted 23

Tom also said Hostinger faked his blog to write articles to promote his own server.

Pasted 20

Here is a screenshot from Johnny's own blog post, a well-known overseas blogger.

Pasted 26


Several clients have rented Hostinger hosting for their own websites.Regular package server feels a bit stuck in the background speed. The build process prompted high disk usage, with 97 times over the peak asking us to rectify.

The entire server is only a brand new half-baked website with no content and no visitors will actually be over-utilized? Contact customer service and say it is a false alarm, in fact, is to scare the white upgrade package.

Excessive disk usage

If you rent a package of $20 / month or more speed is more secure, running a small traffic website is no problem. But the price is so high, or annual rent, it is better to rent Vultr and other better servers, better performance, much cheaper.

Pasted 27


Hostinger's pricing strategy is entirely learned from SiteGround, and the monthly payment price is extremely high. The longer you pay, the bigger the discount, and the renewal price goes up by about 2.1 times (pit). This is one of the reasons why we do not recommend it.

Hostinger pricing


The picture below is a text published by Sam, the material god, on the material network, clickView original article.

Pasted 14

The following is a screenshot of the original website of another website builder

Pasted 25

In short Hostinger hosting quality is not good, the price is not high, and there are many restrictions, customer service is not good, morality is not good, dirty tactics. Will such a company always do a good job with its products and serve its customers well? We don't think so, so we don't recommend using its servers.


Hostgator & BlueHost(Not recommended)

The two servers are owned by the same owner, so not many people disagree with calling them the slowest servers, right? Godaddy and Namesilo servers are not recommended either.

Special note: and are not the same company and is very slow.

Pasted 12

It is the nature of capital to seek profit, and servers are worth every penny. Those who blow up the price and cost-effective server also has a lot of hidden pits, buy a balanced in all respects, theChoose a stable and user-first server with a conscience.


Article out of date? Have a better opinion? Have a question? Please leave your comments below and we will follow up.

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