Vultr purchase tutorial (2022), with coupon code. Super detailed registration steps + server use tutorial

Vultr Purchase Tutorial
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We atThe excellent foreign trade host comparison recommendationThis article introduces the main servers suitable for foreign trade sites, including Vultr foreign servers are the first choice for small and medium-sized B2B/B2C sites, cost-effective, strong performance and fast. This article will explain in detail the Vultr purchase tutorial.

Vultr registration is recommended because of the many advantages of the server.

  1. High-frequency servers using NVMe hard drives, which are many times faster than SSD drives.
  2. Easy and inexpensive snapshot backup function.
  3. Accepting payment by Alipay.
  4. Support for refunds at any time (return of the machine), Paypal payments are only supported within 90 days.
  5. Good performance, speed, stability and a good reputation.
  6. Direct access speed without opening the ladder software mainland can be.
  7. The SSL 465 port for sending mail is not closed.
  8. Easy one-click configuration upgrade, with separate upgrades for hard disk space and bandwidth.

Registration through our link can be done atPlugin Download Page免费下载本站2个GPL授权正版插件(包含Wp Rocket等),或者免费阅读一篇付费文章,服务器开通成功后微信联系客服获取。

根据客户需求,迪亚莫推出了合租Vultr VPS外贸服务器业务,只对我们外贸建站客户开放,拒绝售卖仿牌等高风险网站加入。合理控制网站数量和类型,没有任何性能限制、安全、稳定、高速,我们自己的外贸网站也放这里。

Wordpress和Elementor对服务器要求越来越高,1H1G的服务器已经满足不了外贸B2B,B2C网站需求。1H1G 服务器可能因为资源不足导致后台上传图片和产品速度卡顿,如访问量稍微大点资源很容易耗尽导致网站前台访问卡慢。做外贸网站建议至少1H2G配置,自己单独购买需要12美金/月,如果使用我们合租服务器性能翻几倍,速度更快,B2B网站合租服务器价格为5美金/月,B2C网站根据情况合租价格为6-10美金/月,强烈建议使用合租服务器。

Advantages of shared servers.

  1. 性能翻几倍,速度更快(使用高配置服务器);
  2. 大内存不怕运行堵塞、可安装性能更好更快的MySQL 8;
  3. No need to maintain and upgrade yourself, no fear of forgetting to renew and being removed by the merchant.
  4. Lower prices, 1/3 - 2/3 cheaper than renting them individually.
  5. Install paid enterprise-grade firewall and abnormal data monitoring for more stability and security.



Vultr Purchase Tutorial

Signing up through our Vultr invitation link will automatically apply a Vultr coupon code and give you a $100 trial fee, valid for 14 days. You can open the server and other products trial, if not satisfied with the 14 days to apply for a refund without bearing the cost. Diamo provides free registration service on behalf of our customers, register with your email, ownership and control is yours, if you need right contact WeChat customer service.


Create an account

Open  and fill in the left side ofCommonly usedThe email address of theSettingsFill in a password to the right and click "Create account" to create an account. Do not enter your email password.

If you forget to renew your account, the merchant will delete the server and close your account! Be sure to use common mailbox to register! Email notifications will be sent for outstanding fees!

Enter email and password


Recharge Balance

After creating an account and entering the recharge interface, you need to recharge a certain amount before you can start renting a server. Choose the payment method first!

Suitable payment methods for us are Credit Card (credit card), Paypal (PayPal), Alipay (Alipay), choose the right payment method according to your situation. I generally recommend binding a credit card, automatic debit every month, save time not afraid to forget to renew. vultr is hourly billing, monthly debit, use a month after the debit.

Several customers have forgotten to renew their accounts resulting in server deletion and account closure! Be sure to top up in time! Better bind a credit card!

Pasted 70


1) Alipay payment

Click on Alipay first, the payment screen will be displayed as shown below. Enter your information as shown, select the amount of recharge and click "Pay with Alipay".

Pay with Alipay

Open the Alipay app and scan the code to complete the payment. If you don't have Alipay installed, you can take a screenshot of the payment QR code and send it to your friend or click "Login Account Payment" on the right.

Alipay sweep code payment

Enter your Alipay account password and click "Next" to follow the prompts.

Login to pay by Alipay

Prompted payment is successful, it will automatically jump to the server page.

Successful payment



Note: One Paypal can only pay for one account, if you have previously paid for other Vultr accounts with Paypal you will not be able to pay for this account and the following error message will be displayed. Alipay does not have this restriction.

Error processing PayPal

Click on Paypal first and the payment screen will appear as shown below. Enter your information as shown in the picture, select the amount of recharge and click "Pay with Paypal".

Payments with Paypal

Select the payment method and click agree and proceed to complete the payment. If you don't have money in your balance, you can bind your credit card or debit card and fill it up, but it's a bit of a hassle and you might as well pay directly with Alipay.

Select payment method


3) Credit card payment

Note: The hosting is rented from the U.S. merchants in foreign countries, only credit cards with the Master logo can pay, without the Master logo credit card can not be used. Just fill in the steps as shown below. If you check the box to bind the credit card, you do not need to pre-fill, automatic monthly debit. Don't worry about security issues, we use credit cards in many foreign sites to spend a lot of times, there has been no theft of the phenomenon, foreign laws and regulations are stricter than the domestic.

You will receive an SMS alert every time you charge your card (the bill shows that the merchant's name starts with Vultr), so remember to bind your new card if you lose it or get a new one.

Credit Card Payment

Be sure to renew in time! More than a period of time not renewed server will be automatically deleted by the business! The website should be backed up regularly!


Verify Email

After charging the amount of money jumped to the server rental page, the top will prompt to verify the mailbox. Click on "Click here to send a verification e-mail" to send a verification e-mail to your registered mailbox, open the e-mail and click on the link inside to complete the mailbox verification. If the inbox is not there, go to the trash folder to find, to be sure not to receive the mail, log in to the server and click to resend the verification e-mail, or contact customer service to deal with. Contact customer service method is below.

Verify Email

After clicking Send Mail

Verification emails have been sent

Open the email and click on the red box link to complete the email verification

Verify email content

Complete email verification

Complete email verification


Buy Vultr Server

Click the blue round plus button in the upper right corner of the "Products" section on the left, and then click Deploy New Instance to enter the server shopping interface.

Open a new server


1) Select host type

You can only choose the following chart "Cloud Compute", the other 3 hosting types are the lowest price from $28 / month, too expensive. Foreign trade to build a website can not use and can not afford to use such a good server.

Pasted 82


2) Select CPU and hard disk capacity

有4个选项,第一个AMD CPU High Performance (高性能服务器)和第二个intel High Performance 是22年3月新推出的服务器,第三个intel High Frequency (高频服务器)是旧套餐的高频服务器,第四个性能最差价格最低不推荐使用。

为了对比前3个服务器的性能,我单独开了3个服务器并且安装宝塔面板跑分测试,intel High Frequency 的性能最好也最稳定,推荐选它搭建网站。

Pasted 80


下图是 intel High Frequency 服务器 1G1H,硅谷机房,宝塔跑分情况

Pasted 77

下图是 intel High Frequency 服务器 1G1H,硅谷机房,宝塔跑分情况

Pasted 78

下图是 AMD CPU High Performance 服务器 1G1H,硅谷机房,宝塔跑分情况

Pasted 79

按理说AMD CPU High Performance and intel High Performance 这2个新服务器的性能应该比intel High Frequency 要好,可是从跑分情况来看无论是CPU性能还是磁盘读写速度都是intel High Frequency 领先。


于是我把一个intel High Frequency 服务器上面的旧站点复制搬迁到AMD CPU High Performance 服务器上面对比,2个服务器参数一致,网站的插件设置之类都一致,结果AMD CPU High Performance 服务器上面的网站后台卡成狗。AMD上面的网站没有访问,没有CC攻击,只是在后台常规打开几个页面,在宝塔显示CPU和内存还有富余的情况下直接运行堵塞100%。

Pasted 81



3) Vultr speed measurement to select the location of the machine room

If the business scope is global selectionUnited States (America) Region。美国网络建设比较好,全球访问速度都快适合做外贸B2B网站、跨境电商网站。业务范围是具体的国家/地区就选离该地区最近的机房(例如英国市场选伦敦机房)。

Los Angeles (USA) machine room to the mainland of the fastest link speed, many people will choose it to build a website in the country, especially to build ladder software. Because too many people pile up in this room will lead to many problems, such as SSH often can not connect, ip is blocked, and occasionally the network is very slow. Plus it is the only one that has failed several times before so it is not recommended to build foreign trade websites. We will generally choose the Silicon Valley server room, it is recommended that the first speed test to choose the most suitable for their own network server room.

Note: Often some servers (e.g. 2H2G) are sold out in some server rooms, so switch between several server rooms to find the right configuration.

Pasted 64

Click Speed Test进入下图网页测试你网络访问United StatesWhat is the ping value of the server room? The lower the ping value, the lower the latency and generally the faster the speed. Record the top 3 US regional server rooms for the test results, using the followingDownload Speed TestTest the actual speed.

Speed Test

Click to download speed testEnter the following interface, first select the server room you need to speed test, then click the red box at the bottom of "100MB" or "1GB" to download the file speed test.

Pasted 3

In the download interface to see how much download speed, the following chart shows my download speed is 7.0M / s. Wait a few seconds after downloading to see what the maximum speed is, then click to cancel the download, otherwise the file will really download to the computer. The Ping value of the low several U.S. server room download speed are measured, choose the fastest server room to open the server.

Pasted 4

If you are doingDomestic WebsitesThe main choice is the Los Angeles machine room, near the mainland domestic visitors to access the speed faster, depending on the specific speed test. It is not recommended to choose Japan / Singapore machine room, the daytime speed can be, but at night the packet loss serious very card. Tokyo / Singapore room is not directly connected, you need to detour the United States and then to Japan / Hong Kong and then to the mainland, but the speed is not as fast as the Los Angeles room.

Vultr Test IP


4)Select server system

CentOS 7x64 Without SELinux is more stable and faster, CentOs 8 is not as fast and stable as CentOs 7.

Pasted 65


5) Select server configuration

Click to viewPrice list of all models of servers with different configurations.

Build B2B foreign trade official website or blog.
Release1pcWebsite, soho budget limited choose $6 USD a month 1H1G high-frequency server (25GB capacity), if it is a company try to choose $12 USD a month 1H2G high-frequency server (50GB capacity). Put2-3The minimum site should also choose $12 U.S. dollars a month 1G2H high frequency server (50GB capacity). WordPress and plug-in updates frequently, the server performance is increasingly high, especially Woocommerce and Elementor plug-in is very eat configuration. Conditions try to choose 1H2G or higher configuration.

Pasted 66


Building a B2C cross-border e-commerce website.
B2C e-commerce sites more functional and complex, orders written into the database Post table to the server requirements than B2B sites much higher. Put1-2For websites, we recommend choosing $12 USD a month 1G2H high frequency server (50GB capacity). Put2-3Choose $18 USD a month 2G2H high frequency server (60GB capacity) for your website, and upgrade the package after the performance bottleneck is encountered in the later stage.

Pasted 67

If monthly sales are expected to reach more than 100,000 RMB, it is recommended to register if there are many visitors  Cloudways is a managed VPS hosting, which is a step up from Vultr in every aspect and twice as expensive. The super fast speed can improve the conversion rate, the efficient firewall and stability can ensure the stable operation of the website, and the 24/7 manual service can ensure that the website problems can be fixed in time.

If the budget is really insufficient, and the number of products does not exceed 50 and only put a website, you can choose $6 USD a month 1G1H high frequency server (25GB capacity) under the transition. Later, the number of visitors to increase the performance bottleneck and then upgrade the package.

1-2G memory server installation pagoda panel recommended to choose Nginx 1.21, MySQL 5.6, PHP 8.1, extremely fast installation. PHP 8.1 may not support some old plug-ins that have not been updated for several years, if the installation of plug-ins prompts an error site can not be opened, enter the folder to delete the plug-in directory and then switch to use php7.4 and then install the plug-in.


6) Automatic backup

Don't check the box yet, there is an explanation about automatic backup below. You can purchase the server and then turn it on.

Pasted 61


7) Additional functions

IPv6 will speed up website access and is a future trend. Domain DNS resolution remember to do 2 AAAA resolution to IPV6 address in order to access the site through IPV6 address, one is @ and the other is www (the same as A record, specific Baidu).

The automatic backup will be explained in detail below, and it's not too late for you to choose/enable the right backup method for your situation.

Pasted 68

Ignore the following

Pasted 69

Enter the server name on the left and the server tag on the right. Feel free to fill in, note that you can not use "/" and other special symbols, can fill in Chinese, generally fill in the URL and so easy to identify.

Service Name

The bottom left corner shows the monthly rent of the server, confirm the details are OK and click (Deploy Now) to enable the server.


Here the server rental is complete, automatically jump to the server list will display the server information just rented.


8) Check whether the IP is blocked

Note: After renting a new server be sure to ping the server's IP address first to see if it is blocked domestically!

Because many national people take Vultr server to take the airport caused a lot of server ip address (especially the Los Angeles server room) by the domestic Great Firewall (GFW) blocked. One of our customers server ip address is blocked, resulting in not over the wall can not log in, but also can not use some of the domestic plug-in features, after changing the ip back to normal. So you must ping the ip first, if the ping can not be removed to rent a new (or change the ip).

Ping method: Right click the Windows logo in the lower left corner of your computer > click "Run" > type "cmd" and press "OK".


Enter the screen below and type ping+space+your server ip address (red box below) and press enter.

ping ip address

If the prompt is the same as the figure below, 0 is lost, and the round trip time is more than 100ms, it means that it can ping through and the ip is not blocked.

ping ip pass

If the same as the following chart prompted "request timeout", 100% lost, ip is likely to be blocked, re-rent a server it.

ping ip address

If your server has already built a website and so do not want to discard, you can use a change of IP to unblock while retaining data. The following is the official Vultr IP change method, tested and available. The approximate method is 1 - a snapshot backup of the previously rented server (see the backup section below for details); 2 - rent a new server in the step of selecting the system, select Snapshot, will display the previously completed snapshot backup, click to select, other registration steps remain unchanged. After the new server is rented, it will have all the content of the old server, including websites, pagoda panels and so on. As long as the domain name is resolved to the new server IP, you can continue to use the previous URL to log in/open the website, pagoda panel and so on. After the new server has tested the content to access it normally, you can turn off the old server and delete it.

Vultr change ip method


Vultr Tutorial

The following is the background use tutorial, if you can not read or website revision please comment message, we will update.

1)Familiar with backend

Click Products on the top left to see the list of rented servers, click the corresponding server to enter the server information page, you can view the IP address, configuration and other information, click the blue plus circle button on the top right to rent a new server. Click Setting > Change Plan to upgrade your server package (you can only upgrade but not downgrade).

View server information 1

Click Billing to enter the balance screen, you can choose the appropriate way to top up your balance. The green amount in the upper right corner is the account balance, and the amount to the left of the balance is the money spent by the server so far this month (billed by the hour).

Account Balance


2) Contact Customer Service

If you need to contact customer service, click Support to enter the support page, and click Open Ticket in the upper right corner to enter the work order page.

Vultr has no online customer service, only work order contact. If you can't login to your account, you can send an email to

Contact Customer Service

Select the type of question, server, fill in the subject and content and click "Open Ticket" to send a message to customer service.

Submit a work order

After submitting the work order, you can see the submitted work order in Support. If it is fast, you will get a reply in a few minutes, if it is slow, it may take a few hours, and you will be notified by email after the reply.

Work Order List


3) Revision of information

If you want to modify your profile, click Account to enter the profile page, you can modify your cell phone, email address, etc.

Modify Vultr profile


4) Upgrade server configuration

In the server list interface, click the corresponding server, then go to Setting > Change Plan, the red box below is the host's current package configuration, the blue box select the target package configuration, click the "Upgrade" button to upgrade.

If there are not enough hosts left in the server room with available packages, you will be prompted that you cannot upgrade. In this case, you need to copy the server to another server room with the package before upgrading. Method: Take a snapshot backup of the host first and then open the new host, select the snapshot backup of the old server in the operating system, select the server room with the target configuration package and then open the host. After the new host is opened, remember to resolve the website domain name above the host to the IP address of the new server.

Pasted 9


5) Data backup

Be sure to do data backups! It is recommended that both site backups (UpdraftPlus) and server backups be done. In-site backups are free and can restore specific data for a specific site alone, Snapshots backups can restore the entire server even if the server is deleted/damaged (forgotten to renew and deleted or hacked) and have the highest security. Kryptonian players are recommended to choose Backup backup for server backups, while civilian players choose Snapshots backup. Panel (pagoda) backup will take up hard disk space and is not recommended.

Server Backup (chargeable)

Vultr server backups are divided into Backup backups and Snapshoots snapshot backups, each with its own advantages and disadvantages.

Backup Backup
Backup is easy to understand, is to automatically backup the entire server on a regular basis, retain several copies of backup data, when you need to restore the server, click the corresponding time period of the backup data can be automatically restored, the advantage of automatic backup is very convenient, the disadvantage is the high price.

Backup price is 20% of the monthly server price. 6 USD/month package server automatic backup price is 1.2 USD/month, 12 USD/month server package automatic backup price is 2.4 USD/month.

Click Products at the top right corner to enter the server interface, and click Snapshots at the top to enter the backup interface below. Click Backup to go to the backup screen.

Snapshot Backup

Snapshots Snapshot Backup
Snapshots (hereafter referred to as snapshot backups) are manual backups that require you to manually tap the backup yourself before it will backup. It is billed at $0.05 per GB for the total size of the backup package. The advantage is that it is cheap, but the disadvantage is that you need to back up manually. Click Products at the top right corner to enter the server interface, click Snapshots at the top to enter the backup interface below> Click Add Snapshot at the top right corner.

Perform a snapshot backup

Enter a random name in Label and click "Take Snapshot" to start the backup.

Start Snapshot Backup 

One of our servers only hosts 2 new sites, although there are no articles and products but the snapshot backup out of the data has 4.24GB, a month to pay $0.212. Usually a small to medium sized website should have 200~400M articles + product images.

2 normal sites should be backed up with about 5G of data and the snapshot backup cost is $0.25 per month. For the same server with Backup backup, the monthly backup cost is $2.40. Snapshot backups are much less expensive. It is recommended that you should always take snapshot backups regularly and remember to delete old backups to save money.

Snapshot Backup Pricing

The advantages of server backup are the highest security and the most comprehensive backup. Even if the server is deleted, all data can be restored, including the operating system.

The disadvantage is the lack of flexibility, recovery can only be done for the whole server, and it is impossible to select specific sites individually for recovery. If there are multiple sites on the server and one of them is damaged, the data of the other sites will be recovered through server recovery, and the content uploaded in these days will be lost.


Admin Panel Backup (free)

If you have installed a server administration panel such as Pagoda, you can backup/restore your website directly in the administration panel. The panel backup is free and you can backup/restore a website or database individually. The disadvantage is that you may not be able to restore the data if the server is deleted or you cannot login to the admin panel, and the security is not as high as server backup.

How to backup Pagoda: Go to Scheduled Tasks > Select the website to backup and the backup content to fill in the task name and click Add Task to complete the automatic backup. Database and website content cannot be backed up at the same time, you need to create a new backup task to back up database separately.

Pagoda Panel Backup Website


Site backup (free)

We install all our clients' websitesUpdraftPlus The Backup plugin automatically backs up website data on a regular basis toOneDrive (5G free space), theGoogle Drive(15G free space) and other free web sites with one-click recovery. And you can backup/restore database, themes, plugins, etc. separately.

UpdraftPlus Backup 1

The advantage of site backup is convenience, you can choose to backup/restore database, theme, plugins, uploaded files, etc. separately. And you can separately backup the database before upgrading the plug-in, and restore the site by restoring the database separately if the plug-in has bugs that cause problems with the site. Site backup can also store the backup data in a third-party network disk, security greatly improved.

Because of the Great Firewall, domestic websites can only connect to Microsoft OneDrive in the UpdraftPlus list, and the data transfer speed is slower but within acceptable limits.UpdraftPlus Premium DownloadYou can check it out if you need to.


Common problems and solutions

1) The website cannot be opened

If the entire website including the Pagoda backend cannot be opened, it is usually because the server has been deleted by the merchant after too long a period of default (about a month). Login to the server backend and go to billing to check the balance. If the account is closed or the billing balance shows Owe when you log in, then the site is in default and there is a problem.

Pasted 70        Pasted 72

Weekly emails are sent to remind you when you owe a bill, but most people are not in the habit of checking their emails regularly or they go to the spam folder and become overdue.

Pasted 71

Solution: If you can log in to your account, you can charge it right away. After a few hours (sometimes a little longer) the site will automatically resume.

If the account is closed and you can't log in, send an email from the email address of the registered server to support@vultr.comThe content of the email is simply to say that the server was deleted due to forgetting to renew the account. The content of the email as long as you say forget to renew the server was deleted, please help to activate the account we immediately charged in, customer service will be happy to help. Below is a sample email we wrote, you can copy and paste it directly and send it to us for reference only.

Dear Vultr,
My account (this email address) has been closed because I forgot to renew, can you please help activate it so I can pay the bill and restore my site.
Thanks in advance,

After the server is restored, an email notification will be sent (pay attention to check the email), immediately log in and fill the money in. Follow the tutorial above to reopen a server, select Snapshot in the step of selecting the system, it will show the snapshot backup completed before, click to select, other registration steps remain unchanged. After the new server is rented, it will have all the content of the old server, including websites, pagoda panels and so on. As long as the domain name is resolved to the new server IP, you can continue to use the previous URL to login/open the website, pagoda panel and so on.

If you have not made any backups on the server side before, the data will not be recovered. If you have backed up your data in the WordPress backend using a plugin like UpdraftPlus, directly open a brand new server, build a pagoda panel and a wordpress backend and then restore the data through a plugin like UpdraftPlus. Remember to resolve the domain name to the new server IP, the new server may be the same as the deleted server IP address.

Vultr hosting process have any questions, or have good suggestions welcome below comments exchange.


Article out of date? Have a better opinion? Have a question? Please leave your comments below and we will follow up.

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