Google: Do not build a large number of external links in a short time, or we may ignore or even punish them

The danger of establishing a large number of external links in a short period of time
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Creating links (outbound links) is an important part of on-page search engine optimization (SEO). Visitors will use them for navigation purposes. They will click on internal links and outbound links on your site to find new content. Search engines will also track these links.

By far the best way to optimize Google SEO is to create quality content, followed by building quality external links. Many people will buy hundreds or thousands of links at a time to optimize Google SEO, sometimes they will get a boost in ranking and sometimes they will lower it. The quality of external links is much more important than the quantity, and Google is always fighting against spam external links.


The disadvantages of establishing a large number of external links in a short period of time

Google's John Mueller said their algorithm may interpret a sudden influx of new links in a short period of time as a violation of webmaster guidelines. In response, Google may take action, such as ignoring the link or manually penalizing the site.

"If I start out building 200 links to a site in two days and then don't build any links for the next two years, will Google consider that black hat and penalize me?"

  • Not building links for two years will not be judged as black hat. Therefore, it will not be penalized.

  • This is not necessarily the number of links you build, but Google may find that these links are built "in a way that does not comply with our webmaster guidelines (purchased links)".

  • If these links are unnatural, Google's algorithm may ignore them and you may receive a manual penalty from the spam team.

  • Mueller clarified that Google cares more about the quality of outbound links than the number of outbound links built in a short period of time.

  • In short, Mueller said that Google can determine whether you are randomly removing links, buying links, exchanging links, or using strange link networks on your website. It's not actually spamming outbound links that's being combated, but rather buying them, etc.

Let's provide some background information on this approach by Google.

Prior to September 2016, Google's Penguin algorithm automatically penalized entire websites with poor link profiles. Instead of reducing the value of the site, Google started reducing the value of the spammy links themselves.

Google's Gary Illyes said, "Traditionally, web spam algorithms downgrade entire sites. With this, we managed to reduce the value of spam instead of downgrading it, and it's more granular and in real time."

Fast forward to today and there has been a lot of discussion about the EAT, which stands for expertise, authority and trust and is an important part of the Webmaster's Guide toSearch Quality Assessment Guideis the proof.

According to Gary Illyes, the EAT is based primarily on links and mentions from authority sites.

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Building 200 links in just a few days may be judged as artificially and intentionally posting a large number of low quality links that may not have a positive impact on SEO. A lot of data does show that Google is penalizing or ignoring which backlinks are not credible. It is recommended that you stop buying those low priced high volume spammy outbound links.


More attention should be paid to the quality of external links rather than the quantity

Google is actually more interested in the quality of the chain than the quantity, if the quality of the chain is low, even if the quantity is small, there will be no obvious benefits. On the contrary, if the number of external links is low, but the quality is high, it can bring considerable benefits to SEO.

Even if you build too many links too quickly in a short period of time, there is no need to worry. Just make sure that the links are high quality, genuine, relevant, and have a single anchor text, and you will not be penalized by Penguin algorithm or Google.

Note: Even after building quality links to your site, it takes at least three to six months to start seeing results, and they are not immediate.

Building too many poor quality or irrelevant links can definitely hurt your site's search engine rankings. It also depends on the number of links you create from a particular domain. If you build a large number of domains from a specific or single domain, then link building by search engines is unnatural and this may lead to penalties for your site.

Officially given by GoogleTypes of spam links↓.

Types of spam links

As a final note, building too many links too quickly is not a problem, but you must make sure that any links you do build are of high quality. Remember one more thing, don't create too many links to your site from the same site, instead diversify your outbound links and always try to get links from different sites.


What are high quality external links?

Google particularly favors naturally generated, fromHigh weightorAuthoritative websiteofFull textLinks that will give ranking preference.

Natural means that someone builds a link to your site voluntarily and voluntarily, not that you pay for it or contact them to add a link to your site. If you pay for a link or get a link from a high powered or authoritative website through other "unnatural" means, it will be ignored by Google and will not have any SEO benefits once it is discovered.

High-weight, authoritative sites are quality sites with higher DA scores and more traffic. For example, Wikipedia, Zhihu, Youtube, etc. If you just create a few new blogs to build a few links, or leave links in some B2B platform, these links are basically useless.

Text links are the links inside the body of the page, not the links in the footer or comments, and not the spam links. In some foreign platforms you can buy thousands of links for a dozen dollars, and those links are basically spam email links or spam comment links.

ShareA case study: We have a Singaporean client's website was built by Indians at the beginning, without any spam comment blocking means, every day received dozens of hundreds of spam comments, find us to optimize the site. Logged into the background to see the stunned, tens of thousands of unread spam comments! They were all spam comments with links attached.


How to get high quality external links?

Today Google's algorithm has been super smart, all the SEO means of optimization from the essence of the content will only get worse and worse, and ranking is not stable.The best and only SEO method is to create more quality content that is helpful to visitors. Quality content willContinuousAttract readers to actively share and spread the word, bringing many quality external links and more traffic.

Content is King. All articles on this site are handwritten by us, from experience, pure dry goods. Of course, some of the content borrowed from other sites, but we will not simply copy and paste, but to understand the theme of the article according to the use of easy to understand the form re-written. We believe that you will find our articles more attentive and dry than peer sites.

The following chart is the official Google recommendationThe best way to optimize your search rankings↓.

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