Free Tencent enterprise mailbox registration tutorial (2023), including domain name resolution/settings/binding WeChat

Tencent enterprise mailbox registration tutorial
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Enterprise mailbox is a necessary tool for foreign trade, and the mailbox address with domain name suffix can increase the trust of customers and bring traffic to the website. Free enterprise mailbox is recommended to register Tencent enterprise mailbox, 1- WeChat scan login, convenient andHigh security; 2 - New emails arrive in WeChat alert, timely response; 3 - Support for manual customer service, prompt resolution of problems.

Sam, the god of information, shared a public article aboutArticles on Email Fraud CasesTheft of emails often happens. Mail is stolen from time to time, and Tencent enterprise mailbox does not set password and can only use WeChat to scan and log in without fear of theft.Free enterprise mailbox should only be used as transitional enterprise mailbox at the beginning stage, and it is better to use paid enterprise mailbox if there are conditions..

Note: The arrival rate of development letters of all domestic free enterprise mailboxes is not high, because the national people send too many spam mails causing many domestic ip to be blacked out and the mails are more easily intercepted. If you need to send a lot of development letters, it is recommended to register professional version (paid) Tencent enterprise mailbox (use foreign IP and server to send mails), or.

The advantages of professional (paid) Tencent enterprise mailbox are easy to use, convenient to send and receive letters bound to WeChat, and online manual customer service to solve problems at any time. the advantages of ZOHO mailbox are that the rate of sending and receiving letters is much higher than domestic paid mailboxes, especially the development letters. Because of time difference and language, the customer service of ZOHO mailbox takes longer time to deal with problems.

Sam, the material god of rice class, wrote in his blog that their company enterprise mailbox changed from NetEase to ZOHO because NetEase started to restrict sending development letters to the outside world. Google enterprise mailbox is the best, but it is too expensive, and the cheapest package is $72/year/user, so the tycoons can feel free.


Disadvantages of NetEase free enterprise mailbox.

We have been using the paid enterprise mailboxes of Netease for more than 7 years, and they are good in all aspects. However, we don't recommend you to register its free enterprise mailboxes, because they are simplyCan't receiveSome overseas platforms have verification code/activation code emails, and even some website builders have responded that they can't receive emails from some customers. I set the sender email to whitelist, but it doesn't work, and there is no solution when I contact customer service.

There are already many customers who can't receive the verification code of Twitter, Facebook, Linode and so on for free enterprise mailbox, so they can't log in their accounts. It took me a long time to help them solve the login problem, who told me to open NetEase mailbox for them in the first place, and fill the pit by myself.

I specifically asked Netease customer service about the matter of not receiving overseas verification code emails. The reply I got was to upgrade to paid enterprise mailbox (the reply was as good as no reply). By the way, there is no manual customer service for free enterprise mailboxes of NetEase, and you can only submit work orders in the feedback platform. I have submitted several times, and it took me 2-3 days to reply the email.


I saw an article about Netease enterprise mailbox written by Sam the material god from his blog, to the effect that Netease now has strict control on sending mails, and if you use it to send development letters more than 20 mails, it is likely to be judged as sending spam and blocked. If you have the demand of sending development letters, it is not recommended to use Netease enterprise mailbox or even domestic mailbox, and it is better to use foreign mailbox. It is recommended to use enterprise mailboxes such as Zoho and Google Gsuit.


It is not recommended to use the free email provided by the host.
SiteGround, Hostinger and other web hosts will give you free enterprise mailboxes, but it is not recommended to use them. One is because the mailbox quality is generally not good: the arrival rate of sending letters is low and the security is not enough; the other is because the server is bound, once you change the server, you have to follow to change the enterprise mailbox, and then it will be troublesome to move the mail and so on.

If your domain name has been registered with other brand enterprise mailboxes before and you want to change it to ZOHO enterprise mailbox, just re-register it according to the following steps. When adding MX and other domain name resolution, you need to delete all relevant resolutions of previous mailboxes first, and then add ZOHO ones.

When you open a mailbox account, you can set the mailbox to be the same as the previous mailbox, so that old customers can receive emails smoothly when they send emails. You can also register different mailbox accounts and then add mailbox alias, set the alias to be the same as the previous mailbox, so that you can also receive emails from the previous mailbox.

If you have important emails in your previous mailbox, you can first export the email package in eml format in your mailbox and then import it to your new mailbox. Specific method check belowMail MovingTutorials.


Advantages and disadvantages of free Tencent enterprise mailbox


  1. High security. Only WeChat scan login (if no additional login password is set), no fear of theft.
  2. SupportDMARC Protocol(anti-spam), with overseas node SMTP addresses.
  3. New emails arriving in WeChat reminders (many cell phones kill background procedures, app new emails arriving without reminders).
  4. WeChat sweep code can be bound to Foxmail and QQ mailbox software, super convenient.
  5. Support manual customer service (contact inside Tencent mailbox public number), compared with NetEase only mailbox customer service.


  1. Each account has only 1G capacity (capacity can be released by deleting old mails), while Netease mailbox has 3G and Ali mailbox has 5G.
  2. The maximum number of emails per email account is 500/-HeavenThe speed/frequency of sending letters starts to be limited when the number of letters sent exceeds 200.
  3. The arrival rate of development letters is not as high as that of overseas mailboxes, and it is relatively easy to enter the spam box (common problem of domestic free enterprise mailboxes).
  4. Forced opening/binding of enterprise WeChat and relatively cumbersome mailbox settings.

The official document says that the free version (basic version) of enterprise mailbox can only open 3 mailbox accounts, which actually means that at most 3 accounts can be opened.Business Email(That isShared Mailbox(It means that you can bind multiple people to WeChat and use multiple people at the same time). You can open up to 200 email accounts if you don't verify the enterprise body, which is completely enough.


Free Tencent enterprise mailbox registration tutorial.

Follow the steps and pay attention to each step. If you find that the steps are different from the screenshots, check the previous steps for errors. If the registration steps have changed, please leave a message and we will update it in time.


Click "Register Now" to register the free (basic) version of enterprise mailbox, and click "Buy Professional Version" on the upper right corner of the page.Pasted 16 Open paid enterprise mailbox. Click to viewDifference between basic enterprise mailbox and paid enterprise mailbox of Tencent.

Pasted 15

If it is a public welfare organization, it can apply to upgrade the basic enterprise mailbox to professional version for free.Application Link.


Open Enterprise WeChat

Tencent enterprise mailbox is bound with enterprise WeChat, so in order to open enterprise mailbox, you have to register enterprise WeChat first. If you already have enterprise WeChat, you can directly open enterprise WeChat app, and in "Mail"Open and set up enterprise mailbox inside the function.

Pasted 18

If you don't have enterprise WeChat, enter the registration page and click "Open Now" as shown below.

Pasted 17

Fill out the information according to the chart below and then use WeChat to scan the QR code to bind. No need to audit the company information, if you do not have a registered company, just give a name. Name column requires filling in the full Chinese name on the ID card, need to be consistent with the bank card user name bound by WeChat.

If the display is an English interface, because the first display language of your browser is set to English. English interface does not affect the registration, directly fill in the Chinese on the line, if you mind to change the first language of the browser to Chinese refresh page.

zcqywx 1

Click the "Register" button and you will be prompted to register successfully.Do not close the pageWait for a few seconds to automatically jump toSet corporate domain namePage.


Set enterprise mailbox domain name

After you open/bind WeChat by the steps above, go to the step of setting up the domain name in the picture below. If you have already registered a domain name, in "Use existing domain names"Click "Next" to enter the domain name resolution step.

If you don't have a domain name, click "No domain name, set new domain name"Then enter the domain name you want to register and click "Check Domain Name"Will enterTencent CloudDomain name interface to register new domain names. Foreign trade enterprises are recommended to register overseas domain names, without filing, foreign customers access faster, suitable for building foreign trade websites. Register overseas domain name click 



Add domain name resolution

How do I set MX records for a domain name registered with W3C?
How do I set MX records for a domain name registered in DNSPOD?
How do I set up MX records for a domain name registered with 35 Internet?
How do I set up MX records for a domain name registered with NewNet?
How do I set up MX records for a domain name registered with Easy Name China?
How do I set up MX records for a domain name registered with
How do I set up MX records for a domain name registered with China Resources?
Set up MX records in GoDadddy domains
NameSilo Domain Name Solution Tutorial
Namecheap domain name resolution tutorial
SiteGround server resolves domain names

If the domain name is using DNS like SiteGround, it will add their own MX and TXT records in advance, you need to delete and then add those 4 records of Tencent mailbox, otherwise the mailbox will have abnormal incoming and outgoing mail.

If your domain name resolution is using Tencent Cloud DNSPod Click the blue "Start setting" button in "Option 1: Automatically set up mailbox resolution records".

Then scan and log in with the bound Tencent cloud WeChat. After the cell phone WeChat confirms the login, it will prompt the mailbox resolution setting is completed (below), and the domain name will be automatically resolved here, click "OK" to enter the interface prompting successful association.

It is recommended to add the following TXT domain resolution manually, which can effectively identify and block fraudulent and phishing emails.

TXT _dmarc v=DMARC1; p=none;

If your domain name does not use Tencent Cloud's domain name resolution, please log in the background of your domain name resolver (usually the place where you bought the domain name), enter domain name resolution and add the following 4 resolution records manually. The last 2 resolutions are officially recommended by Tencent mailbox, which can effectively identify and intercept fraudulent and phishing mails.

MX: @ Priority fill 5
MX: @ Priority fill 10
TXT: @ v=spf1 ~all
TXT, _dmarc v=DMARC1; p=none;

The following figure is the effect after the parsing is completed, the record value at the end of an additional "." is automatically added by the system, it does not affect, please ignore.


If you don't know how to add the above 4 resolution records, please contact the person who helped you register your domain name or build your website and let them help you add them.

After adding resolution manually, go back to the mailbox registration interface, and click "I have added resolution" button at the bottom left corner of Option 2 to enter the page of successful association.

After the domain name resolves, you will be prompted that the association is successful. Click the "OK" button to see the status of the domain name resolution.

If the domain name resolution is fast, it will take about 10 minutes to take effect, if it is slow, it may take several hours, wait patiently.

If you are in a hurry, you can click the "Check Resolution" button in the red box below to check if the resolution is successful.


If the domain name resolution takes effect, Enterprise WeChat will send a message to notify you, and the domain name status will become in use (as below). If the domain name resolution is not effective for more than 3 hours, it may be a problem of domain name resolution. Go to domain name management background to check whether the following 2 MX records are filled correctly (the other 2 TXT records do not affect mailbox registration).

MX: @ Priority fill 5
MX: @ Priority fill 10


Check whether the domain name resolution is effective

View corporate domain names Check the analysis

If prompted for MX record error, double check whether the bound domain name is written correctly and whether the MX resolution record is correct.

The image below shows how it looks like after adding the correct resolution.



Enterprise mailbox can't receive overseas mails?

Note: If you are using domestic domain name resolution service, you may not receive foreign emails. Because the MX and TXT resolution of the default line of domestic domain name resolution is not effective outside China, you need to add MX and TXT resolution once more extra, and choose "outside China" for the line.


To test whether the MX/ TXT resolution of your mailbox is effective in overseas, click 

Red box to enter the domain name without www. Green box to click to select MX, then click "Search".


If the result is shown in red in the figure below X The following is a proof of the overseas parsing exception.

Solution: Add the same additional 2 MX and 2 TXT parses, and select "Out of State" for the line. Do not delete the 2 MX and 2 TXT records added before, but keep them!



Modify administrator mailbox prefix

The default administrator mailbox uses the pinyin of the name as the prefix, it is suggested to change it to a custom prefix for easy use.

Click on "Address Book" and click on the name.

xgyxqz 1

Click on "Edit"


Enter the new mailbox prefix and other information and press the blue "Save" button to save.



Add email account

There are 3 ways to add mailbox account, which are WeChat invitation registration, cell phone number invitation registration and preset password registration. Look at the 3 methods and then decide which method to choose to register.

If you have only one micro signal and want to open 2 or more email addresses, you can use the followingPre-set password registrationThe method of registering other mailboxes, so as not to bind WeChat.

Or set other mailboxes toBusiness Email(shared mailbox), there are opening methods below, you can bind the already registered WeChat.


1- WeChat invitation

Click "Invite by WeChat", the invitation registration QR code will pop up. Send the QR code to colleagues who need to open mailboxes and use WeChat to scan the code to register mailboxes. Note: Please keep the QR code properly, if it is leaked out others can open your enterprise mailboxes at will. If there are new mailboxes registered, administrator WeChat will receive notification.


WeChat scan the QR code and enter the mailbox registration page, fill in the name and mailbox prefix and click "Join Now" to finish the mailbox registration.




2- Mobile phone number / email invitation to register

Go to the "Address Book" section and click "Add member".

Enter the information (remember to enter your cell phone number), check the box "Send request via SMS/email" and finally tap "Save".

Mobile Email Invitation

The WeChat bound by the filled cell phone number will receive a notification from enterprise WeChat, inviting to open enterprise mail. Click in and you can finish the mailbox activation.


Invitation Notice


3 - Open business mailbox

Business mailbox means shared mailbox, all selected members can use this mailbox, which can be used as departmental public mailbox or personal second mailbox.

Click "Collaboration" > "Mail" > "Mailbox Management" > find the business mailbox section and click "Go ".

Pasted 3

Click "New Business Mailbox".

Pasted 1

Enter the mailbox name and mailbox prefix, and click "Add" to add the objects that can use this mailbox.

Pasted 2

Select the members who can share this mailbox, either just one person or all members of the department.

Select Member

Click "Save" to complete the business mailbox opening.


You can edit and add members by clicking on the corresponding business mailbox.

Business mailbox opened successfully

Edit Business Email

The way to log in business mailbox on web is to log in the first mailbox bound to WeChat, and then click "switch account" to choose public mailbox.

Web Login Business Mailbox

Public mailboxes bound to Foxmail need to set special password for clients first (there is a tutorial below), and then select "Tencent enterprise mailbox" when adding accounts to Foxmail, and players move to configure. Select POP and fill in the corresponding mailbox address.Client-specific password.

POP address enter, check SSL, port number enter 995
Enter for SMTP address, check SSL, and enter 465 for port number.


Free Tencent enterprise mailbox registration tutorial ends here, and the following is the mailbox setting and use tutorial.


Binding Mail Client

Tencent enterprise mailboxes registered through QR code invitation and cell phone number do not have mailbox password by default. In Foxmail and QQ mailbox, you can directly scan QR code with WeChat to bind or log in mailbox. Some mail clients do not support scanning code function and need to input password to bind, in this case, you need to open special password for mailbox client.

Set client-specific password

Log in your mailbox and click "Settings" > "Mailbox binding" > "Enable secure login" in turn.

Pasted 4

Click "On".

When you turn on secure login, a "Generate new password" button appears.

Pasted 7

The one in the red box is the generated client password, you need to input this password when you bind mail client (input mailbox login password is invalid). If you forget this password later, just regenerate new client password according to the above steps.



Binding Foxmail and QQ mailbox

Foxmail and QQ mailbox support WeChat scan bound mailbox, no need to set client-specific password.

Foxmail binding steps: Click the Settings button on the top right corner of Foxmail, and click "Account Management".


Click "New".


Select "Tencent Enterprise Mail".

Sweep the code with WeChat bound by mailbox account, and then mobile WeChat click to confirm login to finish Foxmail binding.


The operation steps of binding enterprise mailboxes to mobile QQ mailbox APP are similar, which are very simple and not much explained here.


Bind other mail clients

Outlook and other mail clients on PC or cell phone do not support Wechat scan binding, you need to enter POP information and client-specific password to bind mailboxes.

Select POP, email account fill in the email address, password fill in the client-specific password.

POP address enter, check SSL, port number enter 995
Enter for SMTP address, check SSL, and enter 465 for port number.



If you are using mailboxes abroad, the speed of linking domestic mailbox servers will be slower. It is recommended to fill in the following overseas server information
Enter for the POP address, check SSL, and enter 995 for the port number.
Enter for SMTP address, check SSL, and enter 465 for port number.



Mail Moving

If you use other enterprise mailboxes before, you may need to import your previous mails to the new mailbox.
Go to the mailbox you used beforeWeb sideFind the export option (the method is different for each mailbox, specific Baidu), export the mail package in eml format and save it on desktop.
Foxmail import email documents with eml suffix: click the mouse mail in the mailbox you need to import and choose "Import".

Importing eml emails

Select the place where you want to store the imported files (you can select the new folder) and click "OK".

Select import location

Select the eml package you want to import and click "Open" to complete the import.

Select the file to import


If the old mails of the previous mailbox are in Foxmail and the new mailbox is also in the same foxmail, you can copy mails from the old mailbox to the new mailbox directly. Method: Go to the inbox or outbox of the old mailbox, Ctrl+A select all emails, right click and choose "Move to" > "Copy to other folder".

Copy old emails

Select the place where you want to copy the old emails, and click "OK" to finish copying.

Select import location


Clearing Mailbox Capacity

The free mailbox only has 1G capacity, and it will be used up quickly if you often include attachments in your emails. LoginWeb-based enterprise mailboxThe capacity and used capacity of the mailbox are displayed on the right side of the mailbox home page.

Pasted 13

It is recommended to bind Foxmail and other third-party computer mail management software to log in when mailbox capacity is exhausted.Web versionTencent Enterprise MailboxDeleteOutbox and InboxSome unimportant and large emails inside restore capacity, and the emails and attachments on top of Foxmail will not be deleted. The free version of enterprise mailbox is only recommended as transitional use and upgrade to paid version as soon as possible.


WeChat new email alert settings

By default, you can't receive new email reminders for the enterprise mailbox and enterprise WeChat, and you need to bind it in enterprise WeChat management background WeChat plug-in to receive new email reminders. Steps:

1)Open it with your browser firstEnterprise WeChat management background2) Click "My Business" in the upper right corner, then click "WeChat Plugin", pull down to the column of "Invite Follow", and scan the QR code with WeChat to complete the binding. Binding. It is recommended to upload and replace the LOGO in the section above "Invite to register", so that the avatar of the new email alert of WeChat will become the uploaded LOGO and the corporate image will be full.

WeChat plug-in QR code

You will be alerted when a new email arrives at WeChat after binding.

New Email WeChat Alert

If the mailbox creates a folder, you need to create a folder inEnterprise WeChat> "Mail" > "Mail Management" > "Manage Folders" notification to check the corresponding folder

Pasted 9

Up to this pointFree Tencent enterprise mailbox registration tutorialEnd, if you have any questions, please visitTencent Enterprise Mailbox Help Chinese DocumentContact WeChat customer service, or leave a message in the comments below.


Article out of date? Have a better opinion? Have a question? Please leave your comments below and we will follow up.

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