How to start a foreign trade SOHO from scratch? From registering a company to building a website, developing customers all explained

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In 2013 in Guangzhou engaged in foreign trade so far, contacted a lot of foreign trade companies, factories, foreign trade people. Have done foreign trade salesman, management, tried soho, registered Hong Kong companies. A lot of emotions along the way, by many people to help, have taken a lot of detours, share some experience to help the late novice.

Foreign trade salesman and IT programmers like eating youthful rice, to about 35 years old began to be optimized. In front of the foreign trade elderly generally have 3 paths: 1 - do management; 2 - change careers; 3 - entrepreneurship (the probability of doing from soho).

Can do the management of the phoenix, change the line is also a difficult choice. Do not want to give up their industry experience and ability, but also do not know what work they are suitable for in addition to foreign trade, and the freedom of work and income is not necessarily good foreign trade industry.

For the majority of foreign trade seniors, SOHO is one of the few suitable options. Low threshold, good prospects, easy to operate, the foreign trade circle can see a lot of SOHO to make a fortune by the story.

A soho order net profit of less than a few thousand, more tens of thousands or even tens of millions. An order profit may be as much as a month (or even a year) wages, so there are very many foreign trade salesman in the development of bottlenecks or the right opportunity to turn to do soho, get out of the dilemma. 


What is foreign trade SOHO?

Foreign trade soho (small office home office) is the home or simple place as an office to start a business to do foreign trade. soho threshold is very low, there is a computer, a mailbox can start, the cost is very low, but the profit is very considerable!

SOHO is actually a small start-up company, although there are only 1-2 people. Business license, collection account, company website, suppliers, freight forwarders, etc. are all available.

Soho threshold is low, but the difficulty is very big! Find sources of goods → develop customers → hit the board / send samples → talk about the order → payment → order production → check the goods → delivery → after-sales, usually a foreign trade company to do things now all by 1-2 people to complete, the difficulty, workload, pressure are very large.

And soho's compete with formal businesses, which have a wealth of experience, contacts and capital. If I were a client I would also choose a stable and mature business rather than an individual company that has just been established with an unknown future. 

Soho is definitely a viable and promising path. If you do not do well in soho, the probability is that the method is not right. The following will share some of our soho experience insights to let you take the road less traveled, for reference only.

Starting from scratch to do foreign trade SOHO



The above mentioned 35 years old is a can of foreign trade salesman, a high probability will face being optimized, some just out of the community of foreign trade novices may not quite understand. In fact, most of the industry is not too much to see older employees, young staff low prices, obedience, physical endurance, hard work, if you are a business owner you will choose which side?

A foreign trade salesman will not stay in a company for too long, whether it does well or badly is basically forced away by the boss, or their own sad to leave. Because foreign trade salesman and the boss has a conflict of interest. A foreign trade enterprise's largest expense is the staff commission, the boss will find ways to reduce salesman income, especially when the business difficulties.

The main role of foreign trade salesman for a company is to develop new customers, give employees a high commission incentive to develop. When the new customer stability into old customers after the boss will use a variety of means to reduce the commission of this customer orders, because it is much easier to follow the single, who can follow, in order to profit the boss will not give the salesman high commission.

In order to reduce the commission boss may directly say that the customer from the next xx when the commission is reduced, may also transfer the customer order to its TA colleagues or follow the single department to reduce the commission. Anyway, it is impossible to let the salesman sit and enjoy his high commission. Let employees long-term poverty, they will continue to work hard, capitalist means.

There are some doing particularly good salesman will be forced away by the boss, the boss is worried that TA will take away old customers in the future to work alone and so on, but also worried about the high merit of the master. Poorly done staff can not create profits will also be forced to leave, I have seen a fresh female colleagues were forced to resign by the boss pressure, in the office jumped up and turned around and pointed at the boss nose scolding told him not to force her that way, the result is, of course, the little girl left in tears.

Foreign trade salesman is actually very bad to do, have to understand the human condition, bear the aggression, do too good not, do not do poorly. Few foreign trade salesman can stay in a company for a long time, and few people can always do foreign trade salesman, after all, constantly changing companies, to understand the new industry, the development of new customers is a very tiring thing. To a certain age tired, or not satisfied with the status quo will make a change, soho is a way to achieve their dreams, everyone can take the road to prosperity.

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How to start a foreign trade SOHO from scratch?

1- Selecting the right products and suppliers


2- Register your company, open your corporate email and collection account


3- Build a foreign trade independent station


4- Finding customers

4-1 Sending development letters

4-2 Registration free platform


5- Talking about single skills


6- Placing orders for production


7- Check the goods


8- Good logistics tracking and after-sales service

Written in the last words: do foreign trade and looking for an object, effort is not necessarily useful, do not try must fail. Failure is not necessarily our bad, maybe we are not suitable or each other blind. If not yet successful, because not hard enough or not long enough to persist.


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