Super detailed SEO plugin Rank Math setup tutorial, with keyword 100 points filling guide

rank math setup tutorial
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Rank MathIt is the strongest SEO plugin, with much better features as well as results than other plugins. Some customers have purchased ourRank Math Pro PluginI don't know how to set it up, and I can't understand the keyword scoring criteria and how to get 100 points, so we write this Rank Math setup tutorial to help you solve the confusion.


Rank Math Setup Tutorial

The following will explain each function and setting of Rank Math Pro, if you have any questions, please leave your comments below.

Dashboard Settings

Click on the " inside the Rank Math settingsDashboard", which defaults to "Modules" tab. Here you can enable/disable the corresponding function. Set the enable/disable as shown below, with the text description below.

Pasted 2

404 Monitor: Open, will record which 404 pages visitors have visited this site. From the 404 record, you can know which pages on this site have broken links that cause inaccessibility, and then combined with the '"Redirections" function to redirect 404 links to fix SEO problems.

Too many 404 pages have a negative impact on SEO and need to be fixed. Here is a 404 page repair tutorial.

ACFIf you have the ACF plugin installed, you can turn it on to help the plugin identify the text content of the ACF fields and help optimize SEO.

AMP.Turn it off, and if you have the AMP plugin installed, it's recommended to uninstall it. AMP has a negative impact on conversions, and Google says it doesn't hold out hope for AMP.

Pasted 7

Analytics.Open it and you can link Google Webmaster Tools and Google Analytics to display keyword rankings and page indexes directly in the background of your website, very convenient and practical! Here is a tutorial on how to link your Google account and view the data.

Turning on this feature will result in a larger database size, which will have a small impact on server performance (I think the impact is minimal). If you usually check the data directly on the Google Analytics website or something like that and don't need to check it in the backend of the website, turn off this feature.

bbPress & BuddyPress.If you don't have these 2 forum plugins installed, keep them closed and open them if you have them installed.

Pasted 9

Content AI.It is not recommended to open it. This is an extra chargeable feature, analyzing keywords once costs $2-3 very expensive, and you need to go to the Rank Math official website to buy a credit to use it. We think Content AI is not very useful, a bit like specializing in cutting white leeks.

Image SEO.Open, very important feature. ALT and Title tags are automatically added to the images, greatly enhancing the SEO of the images and the page they are on.

Instant Indexing.Open, very important function. Can solve the slow inclusion of Google, as well as many pages are not included in the problem.

Pasted 10

Link Counter.Calculates the number of inlinks and outlinks for pages, posts, products and other content for SEO scoring as well as suggestions. Opening it will cause database inflation, if you are an expert know how to add dofollow outbound and inbound links as per SEO requirements, close it. Otherwise newbies are advised to turn it on.

Local SEO.This function will add the appropriate metadata to set the siteLocalCommercial websites, when users search in Google (Baidu is not in effect)LocalThe business will be very likely to search for your website.

For example, you are a flower store and your store is located in XX city. After you open this function and set your store address, if the residents of XX city search for "XX city flower store" in Google, your flower store website page will be ranked first.

If you have a local brick and mortar store or local business, it is recommended to open it, otherwise keep it closed. If it is a foreign trade website is not recommended to open, unless you have offices abroad.

News Sitemap.News sites (such as Sohu portal, Baidu News, etc.) open, otherwise close.

Pasted 11

Podcast.Blog. If your site is a show, episode type, open it and go to the Podcast search results page on Google, Apple or whatever. If your site is not a show, episode site, don't open it.

Redirections.Redirect function, must be turned on. It can redirect some wrong links to new links to optimize SEO effect. If you modify some pages, articles, products and other links, it will also automatically redirect the old links to the new ones, very useful.

Schema (Structured Data).Rich text structure, which must be turned on, helps the page to get more rankings.

Pasted 12

Role Manager.After opening it, you can manage the Rank Math setting/viewing permissions for different types of accounts on your website. If your site does not have different levels of accounts managing the backend and uploading products at the same time, you do not need to open this feature.

SEO Analysis.Open, this is an SEO analysis tool that comes with Rank Math to analyze the website SEO situation and give optimization suggestions.

Sitemap.Site map function, must be opened to help the site to generate a site map to facilitate search engine indexing pages.

Pasted 13

Video Sitemap.Video sitemap, if the site has a video suggested to open, allows the video to be included in the search engine to participate in the ranking.

Google Web Stories.If it's not a story type site don't open this.

WooCommerce.You must open this if you have the WooCommerce e-commerce plugin installed.


General Settings Settings

To set up Rank Math, go to the "General Settings" settings tab.

Pasted 14



Refer to the following chart to set up

Pasted 15

If your site is multilingual and the URLs of multilingual pages are translated into the appropriate language, do not turn this feature on, it will cause the multilingual category pages to not open. If you don't know this feature very well, it is safest to keep it off.

Redirect Attachments.Enabled, this setting will redirect URLs from the attachment pages to the posts used. They will be redirected to the post with the

This may seem trivial, but it has many SEO benefits, including assigning SEO value to your images and other links built over time from attachments. For these reasons, we recommend enabling this setting.

Redirect Orphan Attachments.Images and attachments that are not inserted into any page are called isolated media. It is recommended to enter the site's home page address here so that visitors are automatically redirected to the home page when they visit the isolated media.

If the site has some isolated media you deliberately do not put inside any page, have other purposes, need to be accessible through the URL, here do not enter the home page address, just leave it empty.

Nofollow External Links.Adding the Nofollow attribute to external links and turning it on will avoid scattering the weight of the page and is good for SEO. This feature needs to be used together with the "Nofollow Domains" feature below.

Nofollow Image File Links.Add Nofollow attribute to all links to off-site images to open, good for SEO.

Nofollow Domains.Turn on, this setting is used in conjunction with the "NoFollow External Links" feature listed above. Enter the external links that need to be added with Nofollow attribute hereURL PrefixWe recommend entering the following URL. The "NoFollow" attribute will not be added to external links that are not entered.

Pasted 16

Nofollow Exclude Domains.Ignore, leave blank.

Open External Links in New Tab/Window.This option willtarget = "_blank"property is applied to all external links, which will open them in a new tab or window, it is recommended to enable this setting.

Affiliate Link Prefix.If you don't understand what this means, just leave it blank and ignore it. Sometimes affiliates need to distinguish hidden links from regular internal links. Traditionally, all links that are prefixed with your domain are considered internal links. Most automation tools will skip over hidden links and consider them internal links.

Using this link prefix option, you can select URL bases for hidden links so that Rank Math can automatically count them as outgoing links in content analysis.

If you is used as the basis for hiding URLs, please/go/Enter something like this in the field. In addition to this, Rank Math automatically containsrel="sponsored"The properties of these links, if not already added, match theAffiliate Link Guidelines for Search Engines.



You can use Rank Math's breadcrumb function after enabling it, and you can add Rank Math's breadcrumb function to the page by short code. In general, only the product list page, product details page, article details page will use the breadcrumb function, the theme usually comes with it, no need to enable Rank Math additionally.

If you don't use this feature, just leave all settings of this tab as default and don't turn it on.



This is the image SEO optimization feature that is very important.

Caution.The image optimization function here is only applied to images inserted in content (articles, pages, products)

Pasted 18

Add missing ALT attributes.Turning on and adding Alt attributes to images is very important for SEO, Alt attributes are HTML attributes that are considered "alternative" text versions of images that are displayed on websites when images are not available or when visitors want to replace the text. These attributes can be very useful when people are unable to view the image in their browser.

Importance of the Alt attribute.

  1. Unloadable images: The Alt property is used to improve the visibility of the site and also to improve the user experience. If an image fails to load, the Alt can be used to understand the content of the image.
  2. Visually impaired visitorsThe : Alt property is a key element of the Web for people who are blind or visually impaired. It provides text that can be read by a screen reader or any other program that reads the content contained in the image out loud.
  3. Search Engine Optimization: Sometimes search engines may not be able to access the images on a website. In addition, image search engines such as Google Images and Bing use alternative text to select the best images to respond to search queries. For example, when a user searches for a product on a search engine, it will display the best image that consists of detailed and relevant alternative text information.

Alt attribute format.Set the value of Image Alt, it is recommended to keep the default selection%filename%, will automatically use the image name as the image ALT, which is the best option in the vast majority of cases.

alt attribute format option-min

Add missing TITLE attributes.This option will automatically add the title attribute to images that do not have a title. The title will also help search engines understand the image better. Turning it on will help a little bit with SEO, but mouse over the image will show the Title content of the image (red box in the image below).

We feel that opening this feature will affect the customer experience, so we do not recommend opening it.

Pasted 17

Title attribute format.This option will be displayed only after the above function is enabled, it is recommended to select%filename%.

Add missing image caption.Turn on, Add missing image captions will automatically add captions to all images. Enable this option to add captions to images.

Caption format.This option is visible only when the previous option Add Missing Image Caption is enabled. The caption format helps to define the format to be used for the new caption. The default format is set to%title% %count(title)%. You can use variables and live preview to create formats.

Add missing image description.Add missing image descriptions, on. This option will allow you to add descriptions to images that do not have any description set. Image descriptions help search engines to better understand images.

Description format.The description format works in a similar way to the title format, the only difference is that it helps to define the format for the new description. Create formatting using variables. Again, only if you have enabled the previous optionAdd missing image descriptionThis option is only visible when the

Change title casing.Change the case setting, visitors can not see the change, so this setting is not meaningful, just keep the default.

Change alt attribute casing.Change the case setting, visitors can not see the change, so this setting is not meaningful, just keep the default.

Change description casing.Change the case setting, visitors can not see the change, so this setting is not meaningful, just keep the default.

Change caption casing.Change the case setting, visitors can not see the change, so this setting is not meaningful, just keep the default.

Add ALT attributes for avatars.This option helps to add Alt attribute to the avatar used in the commenter's profile picture, it is recommended to turn it off. Turning it on doesn't help much, it's mostly a personal preference.

Replacements.This option allows you to replace characters or words in alt tags, title tags or headers. Usually doesn't do much, ignore it.


Webmaster Tools

This feature allows us to quickly link to some webmaster tools without having to install code or anything like that, which is very convenient. Let's demonstrate how to use this feature to link your website to Google Search Console (Google Webmaster Tools) and let Google index and include your website.

First visitGoogle Search Consolewebsite, and then click the Start Now button.

Click to start now


You will need to sign in with your Google account. Once inside, you should see a screen similar to this one. Please note that your Search Console will look different if you are not connected to any websites.

Google Search Console


Follow the diagram below, first you need to add the website.

Add properties in Google Search Console


Google Search Console offers 2 ways to validate websites. Domain validation and URL validation. It is recommended to use URL validation by entering the URL of your website in the URL prefix field and clicking Continue.

Select the property type in the Google Search Console


You should see a screen similar to the one below. Here, Google shows you all the ways to verify the ownership of a website by clicking on "HTML tag".



The settings will be expanded, click "COPY" to copy the meta code.

Copy HTML website captcha


Go back to the backend of the site, in the Webmaster Tools settings, and paste the copied meta code into the Google Search Console input box.

Add Google Search Console authentication address


Go to the bottom of the page and click Save Changes.

Save your changes


Then go back to Google Webmaster Tools verification page, click "VERIFY" verification. If the verification does not pass, you need to refresh the website background cache, and then click "VERIFY" again to verify, try several times should be successful.

Pasted 19


In addition to Google Webmaster Tools, this function also links to the following tools.
Bing Webmaster Tools
Baidu Webmaster Tools
Yandex Webmaster Tools
Pinterest Authentication
Norton Safe Web Verification


Edit robots.txt

The default sitemap generated by Rank Math is shown here, don't touch it, just leave it as default, it will work fine. The sitemap is virtual, so it is not visible at all on the FTP site. It can be accessed through the sitemap URL, and crawlers and such will see it, as explained below.

If you need to modify the site map content, just create a robots.txt file and upload it to the FTP site root directory, which will overwrite the Rank Math site map.

Pasted 20



Turn on "Remove Media Data from RSS feed" and leave the rest as default.

Pasted 21



If the WooCommerce plugin is not installed, this tab will not be visible.

Pasted 22

Remove base.This function will delete the "shop" inside the product URL and shorten the url beautifying effect.

When enabled: becomes →

Remove category base.This function will delete the category URL inside the product URL.

When enabled: becomes →

Remove parent slugs.Same function as above, except this function is removed from the URLFatherCategory.

When enabled: becomes →

If the above 3 functions are enabled: becomes → It does look a lot better, and new websites that have not been included can consider suggesting to open these 3 functions.

WooCommerceNot recommendedThe above three operations are performed for product, product category or store URLs, as this can lead to performance problems and duplicate URLs, but according to research, short URLs are good for SEO, so you decide to turn them on or off according to your website, and it is not recommended that small users turn them on.

2023.02.20 Update: Some of our customers' websites can't open or jump to a product after opening the above 3 functions. After investigation is a plug-in conflict or something that leads to abnormal links. Just change the rank math settings and save to restore.

If you still can not reset the pseudo-static + enter the fixed link settingsPasted 116 If the problem does not work, disable the other plugins one by one until the problem is solved. If it does not work, disable other plug-ins one by one until the problem is solved. Remember to clear the cache and then refresh the foreground page to see the effect. White or do not enable the function to change the URL, the follow-up may be a whole lot of problems.

Note: The above 3 delete URL's functionOld WebsiteDo not open it! Turning it on will cause the previous product URLs to become invalid and generate a lot of bad links. If you use the multilingual translation plug-in to translate the product URL, do not open these 3 functions either. If there are subcategories with the same name, open those subcategory URLs the same, the conflict leads to a category page prompt 404.

Remove Generator Tag.It is recommended to enable increased security. wooCommerce outputs a large amount of meta information in the source code. While it can be used for diagnostic purposes, it also poses a security risk. Here is how the Meta Generator tags are displayed in the source code.

Pasted 23

When this option is enabled, Rank Math disables the output of this meta information in your site's feed. This is actually a security feature, so we recommend enabling it.

Remove Schema Markup on Shop Archives.Google does not recommend adding product architecture to category pages. In fact, they explicitly state that "product offers should not be included in the tag on category pages."

The reason for this is that the product schema is intended to provide information about a specific product, not a product category. When you add a product schema to a category page, you are effectively saying that all products in that category are the same, which is not true.

Select Brand.Add your brand information to the page code summary information, we recommend selecting "Custom" and entering your brand name in the Brand input box below.

Global Identifier.This is the product identifier, by default, don't touch it if you don't understand it.

Show Global Identifier.Close. This option displays the global identifier on the product page. If you enable Show Global Identifier, then it will display the Global Identifier on the product page.

Noindex Hidden Products.Turn on. If the WooCommerce catalog is set to hidden, search engines will not index products from the hidden catalog when this feature is turned on.


Edit .htaccess

This is where you edit the .htaccess file, which is super easy to cause problems with your website. Don't touch it, ignore it.


404 Monitor

When visitors try to access the site does not exist when the page will occur 404 error, open this feature will record which 404 pages visitors have visited this site.

When a website is active, it is normal to update and delete content, so every website will have some 404 errors.

It is normal to have 404 errors, but some 404 pages are caused by missing pages or URL changes. This can greatly affect the customer experience and SEO effect. So you need to record the 404 page data and use redirects and other methods to fix it.

Just set it according to the following chart, there is nothing to say.

Pasted 24

Mode: At first, it is recommended to choose "Advanced", you can check the source of the 404 URL. Know the source can be modified from the source URL, redirect useful, efficient. If too many 404 links "Advanced" option will increase the burden on the server, so the site runs for a period of time to check the internal 404 links after the proposed change to "Simple" mode.



Redirect function, you can redirect the 404 page link to the normal page, fix SEO. set up according to the figure.

Pasted 25

Debug Redirections: When enabled, the following redirection countdown box will pop up when you visit the redirected URL, so you can check which URL you are about to be redirected to. With the function of creating/managing URL redirects. Novice do not enable, generally debug, check the redirection problem before using this feature.

Pasted 111

Auto Post Redirect.Must be enabled when modifying articles, pages, products and other links will automatically redirect the old URL to the new URL, which can avoid a large number of 404 links, a great help to SEO.



This is a keyword ranking and indexing analysis function, you need to link to Google Webmaster and Google Analytics to get the data and then displayed in the Analytics section of the website. You need to link to Rank Math account first, mainland websites cannot link to Google Analytics, do not use this function.

Click the button to link the account.

Pasted 26

It is recommended to choose the Google account link to get keyword ranking and other data. If you don't have a Google account, click Register Now to register a free Rank Math account and click the yellow button "USE EMAIL & PASSWORD" to link your Rank Math account.

Pasted 93

After linking, you need to go to Google Webmaster Tools to create website data first (you must use the Google account linked above to log into Google Webmaster Tools), to create data methods to view the above Webmaster Tools Pasted 28 Chapter.

After creating the website data and going back to the Analytics settings refresh page, the following page will appear, Site select the website URL, Country select Wordwide.

Pasted 27

Below is a link to Google Analytics, if no data is available, you need to go firstGoogle Analytics official websiteCreate the corresponding website data. Once created, go back to this page and refresh the corresponding data will appear, select it as shown below.

If you have previously created a Google Analytics Account, select the data as shown below and choose Create new GA4 Property there.

Pasted 29

Install analytics code.Easier installation of Google Analytics code to your website is just one click away. Do not use other plugins to install Google Analytics code, installing it here is sufficient.

Anonymize IP addresses.The IP addresses of all visitors are anonymized in your Analytics data after opening, which is in line with the regulations of some countries and regions.

Self-Hosted Analytics JS File.Enabling self-hosted analytics JS files will host Google Analytics tracking files locally (scripts are automatically updated every 12 hours) and it speeds up the site since external requests are no longer required.

Exclude Logged-in users.Enable to exclude logged-in users, which will prevent internal traffic from showing up in the analysis.

AdSense.After connecting your Google account using this option, you can view all AdSense data.

Analytics Database.Set the number of days to store your website analytics data. Rank Math will automatically fetch data from Google Analytics at defined intervals, or you can fetch data manually. In most cases, the default of 90 days is sufficient.

When you connect to your website, Rank Math obviously does not fetch any data from the Search Console. Therefore, we recommend that you fetch the data manually for the first time.

Update Analytics database manually

Rank Math will fetch the data and the metadata should be updated once the fetch is complete.

Frontend Stats Bar.When enabled it will display analytics data for posts in the foreground, such as search traffic, search impressions, page speed, etc., so you can quickly see how posts are performing without having to switch between tabs.

Email Reports.When enabled, it will periodically putSEO Performance ReportSend to your email address with changes related to site traffic, number of showings, total keywords and average ranking.

Caution.To take advantage of this feature, you need Associating your website with Google Account Services In addition, you should configure your Search Console settings in the same Analysis section. In addition, PRO, Business and Agency users should also Connecting their website to Google Analytics .

Email Frequency.Set the frequency of receiving emails, choose according to your personal preference.

Include Only Tracked Keywords.When this option is enabled, the Winning Keywords and Missing Keywords sections of the email report will only containKeywords tracked with Rank Tracker.


Title & Meta Settings

Here we mainly set the SEO title of the page, Meta and other data.

Global Meta

Set it up as shown, this is relatively simple and single.



Local SEO

Local business, since there is this option, just set it up as shown below, no loss.

Pasted 32


Social Meta

The Social Meta section contains all settings related to social media metadata.

Set up according to the following chart

Pasted 33



Blank, ignore.


Post Formats Archive

Ignore, this is useless for 99% websites, especially foreign trade websites.



Enable it if your site has many different authors publishing different articles, otherwise disable it. 99% sites should disable it.

Pasted 34


Misc Pages

Miscellaneous settings, including all the settings of all other pages in WordPress, such as the search page, 404 page, etc., set up according to the following chart.

Pasted 35



Set up as shown below, General General Settings.

Pasted 99

Pasted 100

Pasted 101

Schema Type: choose Article or Blog can be, generally choose Article.

Schema Type: generally choose Article. article and Blog is the main difference between the word count and depth, Article word count is longer (for example, this site article basic thousands or even more than 10,000 words), Blog word count is shorter. article content is more comprehensive and in-depth, Blog is shallow.



Set up as shown below, General General Settings.

Pasted 37



Set up as shown below, General General Settings.

Pasted 102

Pasted 103

Pasted 104


Categories (Articles)

Article category page setting. Article category pages are generally unimportant and rank poorly."Category Archives Robots Meta"Generally select "No Index" to let search engines do not index category pages.

Pasted 39


Tags (Articles)

Article tags should not be indexed by search engines to participate in rankings."Tag Archives Robots Meta" Select "No Index".

Pasted 40


Product Category

This is important to set up as shown.

Pasted 41


Product Tags

Like article tags, they should not be indexed.

Pasted 42


Sitemap Settings

Site map settings, set which pages appear in the site map.


Set up by chart

Pasted 43


HTML Sitemap

HTML Sitemap (sitemap) is a page where all the pages of a website are listed in order to make it easier for visitors to access and find content. HTML Sitemap contains internal links that help Google to better crawl the pages on the website and add them to the index.

From the SEO point of view just help search engine indexing, the impact on the ranking is minimal, many old domestic websites used to like to do HTML sitemap. Some people are worried that opening this feature will expose all the pages and facilitate copying by others and so on. See the wisdom of the people, open as needed.

First, create a new page in "Pages", name it HTML Sitemap, and then save it. Go to Rank Math > HTML Sitemap and set it as below.

If you can't find the HTML Sitemap page, change the shortcode and copy [rank_math_html_sitemap] and paste it into the new page content.

If you choose shortcode, it is best to use Elementor to edit the page, add a new shortcode widget, and then paste [rank_math_html_sitemap] into it, so that you can control the width, spacing and so on of the displayed content.

Pasted 105

After making the HTML Sitemap, we recommend adding the corresponding link in the footer. We have added a "sitemap" link in the footer of this website, and new articles/pages/products will be automatically added to this page.

It is possible that the HTML Sitemap created is not very beautiful, not centered and so on, that is because the default style of page is not good. You can add your own CSS to modify the appearance of this site HTML Sitemap   It is also page add css to modify the style. If you do not know CSS, we recommend choosing shortcode to use Elementor production.

Note: Only indexed content will appear on the sitemap page, content set to noindex will not be displayed.


Articles, pages, products, product categories

These are the kinds of pages that are important and need to be involved in ranking, add them to the sitemap.

Pasted 44

Uniformly set up as below, open Include in Sitemap, Include in HTML Sitemap, and leave Image Custom Fields empty.

Pasted 96


Classification, labeling, product labeling

These kinds of pages are not important enough to be involved in rankings, so don't add them to the sitemap.

Pasted 46

If you want the HTML Sitemap page to show categories, turn on Include in HTML Sitemap, otherwise turn off Include in HTML Sitemap.

Pasted 97


Video Sitemap

Set up as shown below.

Pasted 48

This is the end of Rank Math setup tutorial, if you don't know anything, please leave your comments below. Next is the tutorial of using Rank Math.


Rank Math Tutorial

Setting up is just the most basic step, using good SEO results to the next level.

404 page fix

Every website has a 404 page, which is very normal, will not necessarily affect the SEO and so on. However, some 404 pages are caused by operational errors, such as the late modification of the product URL but the Google index page or the old URL, resulting in customers clicking the link to enter the site in the search results prompt 404.

This situation should allow Google to re-index the page after updating the URL, as well as redirect the old URL to the new URL in the backend of the site.

Click on the websiteTop Function BarUnder "Rank Math SEO", go to "404 Monitor" to access the list of 404 error pages.

Pasted 4

There are many URLs very strange 404 page is a robot scanning the site vulnerability and so on, do not care. Some 404 pages if you think it is not normal should be repaired. For example, this site 404 page prompt image-compression ( can not be accessed

Pasted 5

This is a very important link and keyword, so I'm redirecting it to ourImage Compression Tutorial Articles.

Pasted 6



It is generally used in combination with 404 page to redirect some bad chains of the website to normal pages to avoid bad SEO impact and user experience.

Click on the websiteTop Function BarUnder "Rank Math SEO", go to "Redirections" > "Manage Redirections" to go to the redirects page. .

Pasted 50

Click Add New to add the redirect.

Pasted 51

Source URLs enter the suffix of the URL to be redirected (remove, and in Destination URLs enter the target URL.

Pasted 6


Instant Indexing

This is the fast inclusion function, also known as api inclusion. It can push the newly released/updated content to search engines in time, greatly improving the speed and success rate of inclusion. Applicable to Google, Bing, Yandex search, click to viewInstant Indexing Tutorial.

Pasted 52

The following figure ↓ is a successful automatic push included / updated, the website background top prompt information. The vast majority of content on the Internet is meaningless, Google now favors the inclusion of high-quality dry content, for the quality of content is not included basically.

Pasted 115

Foreign trade website / cross-border e-commerce website product homogeneity content is serious, in most cases in Google Webmaster Tools after submitting the site map URL, there will still be a lot of product details page is not searched, prompted by the index has not been compiled into the included. Enable Instant Indexing can help this part of the content is included.


SEO Analysis

Analyze website SEO profile and give optimization recommendations.

Pasted 53

The following items affect speed and thus indirectly affect SEO, but actually have no direct impact on SEO. If your site is fast enough, ignore these tips.

Pasted 67

Pasted 56

The following is a prompt LOGO image without ALT (alternative text), find the corresponding image in the media library, click into the edit image. Find the "Alternative text" input box on the right, just enter the image name into it.

Pasted 68

Pasted 58

Ignore that there is no direct impact on SEO.

Pasted 59

Click to viewMore details.


Fill in the keywords

Note: Important pages (home page, about us page, etc.) product list page, product detail page, article detail page should be filled with keywords. Click Edit page directly (do not use Elementor to edit). At the bottom of the page will show the location of the filled in keywords.

If you're not using the Gutenberg editor to build your pages, we recommend switching to the classic editor, which is much easier to use and much more efficient! Just installAdvanced Editor Toolsplugin, and check the following settings in the plugin settings, it will switch the Gutenberg editor to the classic editor.

Pasted 60


Red box 3 items if you do not know what it means, do not move, just ignore the best results. If you know what it means, modify it yourself as appropriate.

Pasted 66

First, click the "Edit Snippet" button to bring up the SEO information filling interface.

Pasted 61

SEO titles are required, usually by copying the product/article title directly into it. Note the word count, to control the fifth box on the right to light up green.

Meta description is also required, note the number of words, to control the fifth box on the right to light up green.

Pasted 62

Then fill in the keywords in Focus Keywords, fill in 1 on the line.

Pasted 63

After filling out the keywords will be scored, the following chart are the scoring items. Green indicates that the standard is met, red indicates that the standard is not met and needs to be optimized. Some optimization projects are not directly affected by SEO, but may indirectly affect, so it does not matter if you can not do 100 points. To do more than 80 points can be.Pasted 65

Pasted 64

The official website of Rank Math actually has a tutorial on how to get 100 points.The meaning of each rating and how to achieve a score of 100.


Disable Rank Math for certain keyword scoring items

SEO scoring will be done after entering keywords on page, product, article and other editing pages. Some scoring items are not very practical, so you can add the following code to disable the corresponding scoring items and improve your score.

If it isChinese websiteAdd the following code to "Appearance" > Theme File Editor > select child theme in the upper right corner > click "functions.php" on the right to edit the file, copy all the code below and paste it into functions.php Click Save at the bottom of the file.

Pasted 129

// Disable Rank Math for some SEO scoring items
add_filter('rank_math/researches/tests', function ($tests, $type) {
$tests['lengthContent'],// disable article length detection
$tests['titleHasNumber'], // disable detection of whether the title contains a number
$tests['keywordInPermalink'],//disable permanent chain URL contains keyword detection
$tests['keywordDensity'],//disable keyword density detection
$tests['hasContentAI'],//disable AI function detection
                $tests['isReviewEnabled']//disable product review function detection
return $tests;
}, 10, 2);

Some of the above disabled scoring items are not quite applicable to Chinese, and some are not compatible with Chinese, so it is better to disable them. If you don't want to disable some of the above items, put the correspondingWhole lineJust delete the code.


If you have an English website, mainly for Google SEO, add the following code to "Appearance" > Theme File Editor > select the child theme in the upper right corner > click "functions.php" on the right to edit the file, copy all the code below and paste it to the bottom of functions.php file and click save.

To add more disabled hooks remember to add the penultimate hook after the , Symbol.

// Disable Rank Math for some SEO scoring items
add_filter('rank_math/researches/tests', function ($tests, $type) {
$tests['titleHasNumber'], // disable detection of whether the title contains a number
$tests['hasContentAI'],//disable AI function detection
                $tests['isReviewEnabled']//disable product review function detection
return $tests;
}, 10, 2);

For a list of Rank Math's other rating item hooks, and more hooks or ways to disable them, clickView Details.




Export the keywords meta field to the source code

By default, the page source code does not show the keywords meta field, because there is basically no positive meaning if it is displayed. Some customers insist on displaying keywords meta, probably because they think it will help Baidu SEO (actually it doesn't).

Add the following code to "Appearance" > Theme File Editor > select the child theme in the upper right corner > click on the right side of "functions.php"Edit the file, copy all the code below, paste it into the bottom of the functions.php file and click save.

/*Print to the page source code*/
add_filter( 'rank_math/frontend/show_keywords', '__return_true').

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