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Latest Jetmenu Download

[Special Offer] Latest JetMenu Download, v2.2.4, GPL, Elementor Mega Menu Plugin

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Latest JetMenu download, GPL license.JetMenu for ElementorPlugin is specially designed to create a variety of powerful mega menu (Mega Menu), you need to use with Elementor or Gutenberg editor, fast, high degree of customization, easy to operate.

Click to see the JetMenu-madeMega Menu Demo.

There is a customer's foreign trade website to create a vertical mega menu ↓, at first we tried to useThe Plus Addon, ,ElementsKitWe found it difficult to use, not very customizable and slow to create plugins such as JetMenu. After comparing several plugins, we found that JetMenu can meet our needs better.

Pasted 14

Pasted 16

Pasted 32


JetMenu is faster, because it is only the super menu function is relatively simple, The Plus and other plug-ins are too multi-functional code cumbersome. jetMenu can be customized to a high degree, white people can also make the desired menu. jetMenu another advantage is to take into account the mobile side of the menu, you can set a separate modification style and so on.


JetMenu Frequently Asked Questions

After modifying the plug-in settings in the background will be automatically saved, the top-right corner will pop up the following prompt after successful saving ↓, no "Save" or other save changes button. In the customer's site to maintain the settings are not successful, refresh the page settings will be restored.

Pasted 17

Check and find that the Pagoda panel Nginx firewall intercepted the changes, you need to set the firewall URL whitelist, according to the following chart to put^/wp-json/jet-menu-api/v2/plugin-settingsJust add it to the whitelist.

Pasted 18

Pasted 19


2- After upgrading the plugin, the menu style is displayed incorrectly. Just re-edit the JetMenu menu once, change something random, change it back, and tap save. Every menu should be edited again. If you are using Elementor template, Elementor template should be re-edited and saved.


JetMenu Tutorial

Click to view Elementor's official website atUsing JetMenu to create a mega menu tutorial》, TheJetMenu official mega menu tutorialThe.

Setting explanation: If the "Revamp Menu" function is turned off, the front page will load a 76.6kb icon font, slowing down the page loading speed. If turned on, the right arrow at the back of the menuPasted 22Icons will not be displayed, but also will not load the 76.6kb icon font, which is faster.

It is recommended that white users need the parent menu to show the right arrowPasted 22Please disable the "Revamp Menu", if you don't need it, it is recommended to enable it.

Pasted 21


The arrow below to the right is added using the CSS below, putting line 10 of Just replace the URL with the rightward icon. Icons can be downloaded online and uploaded to the backend media library for use.

Pasted 31{
position: absolute.
content: ''.
transform: translateX(15px).
width: 20px.
height: 20px.
background-size: 20px.
background-image: url(!important.
background-repeat: no-repeat.

Please leave any questions, related needs in the comments below and we will follow up promptly.

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Diamo specializes in building foreign trade websites / cross-border e-commerce stand-alone websites, Google SEO optimization, etc. No renewal fee, high conversion rate.

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