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Generatepress Premium Download

Popular themes Generatepress Premium Download, v2.3.1, GPL, Free GenerateBlocks Pro

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If a white person is not familiar with building a website, it is recommended to buyAstra Pro ThemeMore appropriate, key activation can be updated online in the background. Easy to set up powerful, in-depth collection of Woocommerce, use it for white people can more easily build a beautiful, powerful Woocommerce website.

Generatepress PremiumDownload, GPL license, perpetual updates, free downloadGenerateBlocks ProGeneratepress Premium (GP for short) is also one of the fastest and most powerful themes available, and is the favorite theme of major speed bloggers.

Astra Pro is suitable for beginners, simple, fast and effective, Generatepress Premium is suitable for experts, the threshold of use is a little higher, GP is faster, more customizable, with GenerateBlocks builder speed fly to the head.

GeneratePress is a fast, lightweight, mobile responsive WordPress theme built with speed, SEO and usability in mind. Built by Tom Usborne, a developer from Canada. It is actively updated and well supported. We have seen many famous speed blogger sites built with it.

The site library can import dozens of additional site templates↓

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What is GPL plugin

This plugin is a GPL licensed product and is safe and legal. Click to learn what isGPL AgreementClick to learnWordPress official website about GPL. Simply put using the GPL license plugin/theme source code open source sharing, can be legally free to change, use, distribution.


Plugin Security

Directly from foreign formal channels to buy, do not modify the source code. All plug-ins we use to build their own sites, used in a number of sites, safe, stable and reliable.

  1. ByVirustotal Antivirus Verification;.
  2. ByWordfenceSource code review.
  3. BySucuriSecurity antivirus scan.

Sucuri Scan Results


Update method/record

Generally new version out within 24 hours of this site will be updated, then please visit this page directly to download the new version of the installation package upload updates, the product title will be written on the latest version number. Can only be updated by uploading the installation package, do not mind, if you want to update online can only go to the plug-in website to buy the original version.

Click to view the update history of this plugin (Changelog)


Generatepress Premium Download Purchase Terms

This site plug-in purchased from foreign sites, the purchase price is4.99 USD/pcIt is valid for 2 years. Diamo unified selling price of 19 yuan / piece, valid for life, and spend a lot of energy to create the use of tutorials also provide manual question and answer service, absolutely worth the money. The plug-in is only for learning and exchange research, virtual products are reproducible, once sold no refund, please move to the detailsTerms of Service.

Diamo for the purchase of users to provide after-sales service, plug-in use any questions please leave a message in the comments below, there will be answers to questions.


Generatepress Premium installation and enable method

1- First install the free version of the theme, installation method: the website background left menu list to find and click "Appearance" > "Theme" click the upper left corner of "Install Theme", the right search box Enter "Generatepress", find the corresponding theme in the search results and click "Install", do not click "Enable", then install the child theme.



2- It is highly recommended to install the child theme (you need to install the parent theme first), the parent theme will not overwrite some changes made by the child theme after the update. In the theme installation screen, 1-click "Upload Theme", 2-select the child theme installation package point 3-"Install Now" to enable it.

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3- Finally install the Premium extension plugin (the zip installation package purchased and downloaded from this site), find and click "Plugins" > "Install Plugins" in the left menu list in the background of the website and click "Upload Plugins" in the upper left corner. Plugin", select the installation package and install it, click "Enable Plugin" after installation.

Upload Plugin

Update method: If prompted to update the plugin, visit this page to re-download the new version of the plugin zip installer, upload and install it (upload in the plugin installation interface, not in the theme page).


GenerateBlocks Pro Installation: Don't install this plugin if you use Elementor

Install free firstGenerateBlocksPlugin and enable it, then install the GenerateBlocks Pro installation package ( zip) that comes with the purchase to enable it.Pasted 59


Generatepress Premium Tutorial

Click "Appearance" > "GeneratePress" to enter the theme features page.

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If you are prompted to enter the activation code, just ignore it and the Premium functions will work normally.

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Click on "Active" to activate the module, after activation it will say "Module is activated".

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To import a template click on "Site Library" in the upper right corner.

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Select the template of your choice, click the "Get Started" button and follow the steps.

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Please leave any questions, related needs in the comments below and we will follow up promptly.

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Diamo specializes in building foreign trade websites / cross-border e-commerce stand-alone websites, Google SEO optimization, etc. No renewal fee, high conversion rate.

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