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Free Elementor Pro download, v3.8.2, online update available + tutorial


Follow the instructions below: scan the code to follow the WeChat public number, send keywords to get the verification code to unlock the download address.

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WeChat public number two-dimensional code

Scan the code to follow the WeChat public number, send keywords elefree Email code



Elementor Pro(Ele for short) is the best drag and drop page builder plugin for WordPress, easy to use and powerful, with over 5 million users. This plugin allows us to quickly build beautiful responsive pages that work with almost any WordPress theme.

Many people say page builders like Elementor load too many resources and are slower. Try to use the Gutenberg editor or hand-write CSS to re-build the page much faster. What they say is correct nonsense, white people which have the technology to write CSS by hand?

Don't worry about using Elementor, the speed can be optimized! Elementor's convenience, ease of use, high efficiency, and beauty are what we really need, but without ele, it's hard to overcome the pain points. 5 million installations are enough to show Elementor's charm, and it's definitely the future of WordPress website building!


The free version is also very powerful, but has very limited features. With Elementor Pro you can build product/article list page templates, product/article detail page templates, search page templates and even Woocommerce checkout payment interface can be customized.

Note: We offer 2 versions of Elementor Pro for free download, please download them according to your needs.

Online updated versionThe actual Elementor source code was repackaged by a foreign god into a new plugin, with a new name for everyone to legally download and use.Online update available. Virtually all features and source code are still Elementor Pro's, which is safer and more reliable than the cracked version.Recommend to use it.

You can use all widgets of Elementor Pro, you can use with other Elementor associated plugins, the disadvantage is that the author is slow to update, often behind a few versions. ele latest version generally has bugs, a few versions behind does not affect the use of the latest features, which may be a good thing.

GPL licensed versionIt is a foreign cracked version, the advantage is to update to the latest version, the disadvantage is that it can not be updated online (you need to download the new version of the installation package to install the update manually).

Both versions are safe, certified by antivirus and source code comparison. We have personally used them without any abnormalities, so feel free to download and use them.

Both the online update version and the GPL version do not have access to the official online template library and the official customer service features.The domestic crack version provides a few G of template volume, but also to download to the local upload, very troublesome, difficult to use. And Elementor template style is not very suitable for foreign trade websites also does not meet our aesthetics. Recommended to buy Premium Starter Templates Advanced template plug-in, which can be imported online directly from the Elementor editing interfacePagesandBoardTemplate (below). Can also be used with Beaver Builder, Brizy, Gutenberg page builder.

Template demo


What is GPL plugin

ElementorIt is a GPL licensed product and is safe and legal. Click to learn what isGPL AgreementClick to learnWordPress official website about GPL. Simply put using the GPL license plugin/theme source code open source sharing, can be legally free to change, use, distribution.


Plugin Security

Purchased/obtained directly from foreign formal channels, without modifying the source code. We build our own website and have used it in many sites, it is safe, stable and reliable.

  1. ByVirustotal Antivirus Verification;.
  2. ByWordfenceSource code review.
  3. BySucuriSecurity antivirus scan.

Sucuri Scan Results


Update method/record

Generally, the new version will be updated within 24 hours, please visit this page directly to download the new version of the installation package and upload the update, the product title will be written with the latest version number. If you want to update online and use online template, you can go to my friendNotes on building a website by a milkmanTherePurchase key license genuine (99/year).

Click to view the update history of this plugin (Changelog)


Elementor Pro Download Terms

This plug-in is free, in principle, does not provide any manual answering service, if you do not understand the place casual Baidu can solve the basic problem. Really can not solve and then leave a message in the comments below.


Installation / Activation Method

Both versions need to be installed firstBasic version( ClickDownload Basic Version ), and then install the online update/ GPL license version of the downloaded installer.

Installation method 1: Upload and install

Find and click on "Plugins" > "Install Plugins" in the left menu bar of the website background, then click on "Upload Plugin" in the upper left corner, upload the downloaded zip installation package and click on "Install Now", after installation, click"Enable Plugin"Complete the installation.

Upload Plugin


Installation method 2.FTP installation

Unzip the plug-in package, put the unzippedFoldersUpload it to the plugins directory (
Find and click on "Plugins" > "Installed Plugins" in the left menu bar of the website background, find the plugin in the list of plugins, and click "Enable".

Enable Plugin


Please leave any questions, related needs in the comments below and we will follow up promptly.

Diamo specializes in foreign trade website / cross-border e-commerce stand-alone site construction, Google SEO optimization, etc. No renewal fee, high conversion rate.

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