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Free] Latest Elementor Pro Download, v3.16.2, Update Online + Use Online Templates


Follow the instructions below: scan the code to follow the WeChat public number, send keywords to get the verification code to unlock the download address.

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WeChat public number two-dimensional code

Scan code to follow WeChat official account, send keywords elefree to get code

[ppwp passwords="165662" description="input captcha unlock plugin download address↓"]   [/ppwp]

If you cannot get the verification code from the public, please contact the right side → WeChat customer service to get it.
Worried that the plugin is not secure? Check out theIs WordPress Cracked Plugins/Themes (Green, GPL, Nulled) Safe? .

Tip: Diamo provides 2 free Elementor Pro download versions for you to choose, please select the version to download according to your needs.

Online updated versionis a foreign god to Elementor Pro source code under the GPL agreement repackaged into another new plug-in, a new name for everyone to legally download and use (version number consistent), theOnline update availableThe Elementor Pro is the same as the Elementor Pro. You can use all Elementor Pro functions with the same appearance and interface, safe and reliable.

Can be used with third-party Elementor extension plugins, the disadvantage is that the author is slow to update. Generally a few versions lower than Elementor Pro, and can not use the official template library Pro templates online. ele Pro latest version generally has bugs, a few versions behind may be a good thing.

GPL licensed versionThe disadvantage is that you can not update online (you need to download the new version of the installation package to install the update manually), the advantage is to update to the latest version, you can use the latest features. Some versions can use the official template library Pro templates online. Click to viewOnline tutorial for importing official online templates. Some versions cannot import online Pro templates, after all, this is a loophole, it is not easy to say when it will be plugged.

It is recommended to install the GPL-licensed version, (some versions) can use Pro templates and update timely bugs can also be fixed in a timely manner. If you want to pursue security, want to update online, choose the online update version (Note: If the latest version of the bugs, because of the slow update may not be able to fix in time).

Elementor Pro(Ele for short) is the best WordPress drag-and-drop page builder plugin that is easy to use and powerful with over 5 million users. This plugin allows us to quickly build beautiful responsive pages that work with almost any WordPress theme.

2023.05.10 Update: CollectionAI functionYou can use AI to generate text, code, etc. in the page editor, click to viewHow to use Elementor AI.

Some people dislike Elementor front-end loads too many resources and is slow. Try to use the Gutenberg editor or hand-written CSS to rebuild the page much faster. What they say is correct nonsense, white people which have the technology to hand-write CSS?

Elementor's convenience, ease of use, efficiency, and beauty is what we really need, without ele and difficult to overcome the pain points!

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And WordPress and Elementor are very speed conscious, they are always optimizing to improve their speed. With the improvement of network and technology, I believe website speed will not be a problem in the future, and all websites are accelerating fast.

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The free version is also very powerful, but has very limited features. With Elementor Pro you can build product/article list page templates, product/article detail page templates, search page templates and even Woocommerce checkout payment interface can be customized.

The domestic version of those fee crack provides the template volume of several G, but also to download to the local upload, very troublesome, difficult to use. And Elementor template style is not very suitable for foreign trade websites also does not meet our aesthetics, it is better than this version we can give away to everyone.

Recommended Purchase Premium Starter Templates Advanced template plug-in, which can be imported online directly from the Elementor editing interfacePagesandBoardTemplate (below). Can also be used with Beaver Builder, Brizy, Gutenberg page builder.

Template demo


What is GPL plugin

ElementorIt is a GPL licensed product and is safe and legal. Click to learn what isGPL AgreementClick to learnWordPress official website about GPL. Simply put using the GPL license plugin/theme source code open source sharing, can be legally free to change, use, distribution.


Plugin Security

Directly downloaded from foreign formal channels, without modifying the source code. Personally used, safe, stable and reliable.

  1. ByVirustotal Antivirus Verification;.
  2. ByWordfenceSource code review.
  3. No insertion of external links and no fear of loss of site SEO weight;
  4. BySucuriSecurity antivirus scan.

Sucuri Scan Results


Update method/record

Generally the new version will be updated within 24 hours, please visit this page directly to download the new version of the installation package to upload the update, the product title will be written with the latest version number.Click to view the update history of this plugin (Changelog).

can only be updated by uploading the installation package.If you want to update and use the online template online you can go to my friendNotes on building a website by a milkmanTherePurchase key license genuine (99/year).

(Updated 2023.02.05) It is not recommended to buy Elementor Pro, because there is basically no benefit. Pro support service is garbage, it never solves the problem, it's just a virtual reality. The template design also does not meet our aesthetics, it is better to spend $29 to buy a AstraTemplate Plugin.


Elementor Pro Download Terms

This plug-in is free, in principle, does not provide any artificial answer service. If you do not understand the place randomly Baidu / Google can solve the basic problem, really can not solve please leave a message in the comments below.


Installation / Activation Method

Both versions need to be installed firstBasic version( ClickDownload Basic Version ), and then install the downloaded online update / GPL license version of the installation package. After installation, if you are prompted with the content below, be sure to click "Click here to run now" to manually update the data, otherwise the data may fail to automatically update the page display error!

Pasted 87


Installation method 1: Upload and install

Find and click on "Plugins" > "Install Plugins" in the left menu bar of the website background, then click on "Upload Plugin" in the upper left corner, upload the downloaded zip installation package and click on "Install Now", after installation, click"Enable Plugin"Complete the installation.

Upload Plugin


Installation method 2.FTP installation

Unzip the plug-in package, put the unzippedFoldersUpload it to the plugins directory (
Find and click on "Plugins" > "Installed Plugins" in the left menu bar of the website background, find the plugin in the list of plugins, and click "Enable".

Enable Plugin


Elementor Tutorial

Tutorial on using the official online template library templates for the GPL version.

Go firstElementor official websiteRegister for a free account and stay logged in. Go back to the backend of the site > "Pages" and edit any page at will using Elementor. Enter the Elementor editor and click the gray button↓ below to access the online template library.

Pasted 58

Select a Pro template and click "Insert".

Pasted 59

You will be prompted to link to the template library, click "Start using" ↓.

Pasted 60

Follow the link account in the chart below.

Pasted 61

Link success will automatically return to the Elementor editing interface, the template has been successfully imported, save the late front view of all reality normal. If there is no automatic jump after linking accounts, go back to the Elementor editing interface to refresh the page.

It's easy to import other Pro templates again without having to relink your account!

Pasted 62

If you can't import a template after upgrading your version, try disconnecting your account and try linking it again. After all, it's a loophole that can be plugged at any time, and sometimes it's not possible to import templates online. It is recommended to installPremium Starter TemplatesThe plug-in can be imported to add stations/page/section templates for a more beautiful design.


Note: The online update version can not import templates, link personal free account will prompt the following error. After all, the online update version is another plug-in, if you can import Elementor templates with other people's resources must receive a lawyer's letter.

Pasted 63


Elementor Frequently Asked Questions & Solutions

If you want to improve the loading speed of Elementor (especially for mainland websites), checkThe Ultimate Elementor Speed Optimization Tips.

1- After installing the GPL version, it prompts that the certificate needs to be activated or is not working.
If you have installed a cracked version of Elementor elsewhere before, then installing our version may prompt the above problem, and using PHP8.1 will have the same problem.

Solution: First backup your website data, switch to PHP8.0, uninstall Elementor Free and Pro version. Clear the website cache, plug-in cache and browser cache, then reinstall Elementor Free, and then install the installation package we downloaded here.

2- Unable to load Elementor editor, a blank
Usually it is a network card or something like that, it is recommended to followThe Ultimate Elementor Speed Optimization TipsTry clearing the cache after optimizing the speed. Sometimes the server lag or poor network failure to load the editor, try a different time period.

3- Can't save after editing prompting 4xx, 5xx errors
Errors starting with 4 are usually access-side problems, such as network cards, computer cards and so on. The errors starting with 5 are usually server/website errors, such as server cards, downtime, plug-in conflicts, etc.


Please leave any questions, related needs in the comments below and we will follow up promptly.

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Diamo specializes in building foreign trade websites / cross-border e-commerce stand-alone websites, Google SEO optimization, etc. No renewal fee, high conversion rate.

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