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Genuine key activation Bricks theme download purchase (single site), lifetime valid + background updates, can also buy Key

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Selling genuine key activationBricks ThemeTheme, 29 dollars (only activate a website, we login to your website to activate), permanent background update. Because the key is entered to activate, to avoid key leakage so we need to login to your website to operate, mind not to shoot.

Our activation license key is purchased directly from the official website, worth $249, valid for lifetime, unlimited sites, can be updated online, and includes multiple online templates. You can also directlyBuy Bricks theme keyWe will send you the key directly, enter the key to activate, no need for us to log into your back office, invoicing is available.

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Bricks is a premium lightweight theme released in 2021 that is becoming increasingly famous for integrating its ownBricks BuilderThe page builder (similar to theElementor Pro), so it's fast. If you hate the slow speed of Elementor and want a lighter, faster theme, Bricks is a great choice.

We feel that Bricks is fast + SEO friendly + easy to use + great customer support .

The official customer support is very good, and anyone who contacts customer support by email will get a prompt and detailed response. While other themes' customer support is limited to accounts that purchased the key, Bricks has no limitations, and anyone who asks about the Bricks theme will get a response.

compatible withJetsmartfilters, ,JetEnginand other plug-ins together

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It is not without its shortcomings, compatibility is not good enough, the function is not perfect is a problem, after all, just a small team productivity is not enough. Currently known to be with the translation plug-in compatibility is not good enough, will lead to slow loading of the page. But they are very attentive, the future can be expected. Click for moreBricks Theme Development Program.

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Bricks Theme Purchase Terms

Virtual products are reproducible, once sold no refund, please checkTerms of Service. Please login first before you buy, send the payment screenshot to WeChat customer service after purchase to install or get Astra activation key.


How to download and install Bricks theme

If you buy only one site activation, we will install the child theme and plugins for you, you don't need to install them by yourself. If you buy Key, follow the tutorial below to install the activation. Direct upload and installBricks ThemeThe installation is then uploaded.subtheme, enable the child theme. Just enter the key to activate it.

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Go to the "License" section, enter the license in the box and press the "Activate License" button.

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Bricks Theme Settings & Usage

It has seven tabs (if WooCommerce is installed, you get eight). They control all the little things: from Gutenberg to Bricks compatibility to custom code settings or API keys for Google Maps, CAPTCHA, or Facebook. 

The first tab is called General - it's mostly about Gutenberg to Bricks (and vice versa for compatibility) and SEO settings. Additionally, you can enable custom CSS breakpoints or some experimental settings.

The second tab is builder access. All major user roles are represented there; in addition, there's a toggle to set who is authorized to execute code on the site. Hats off to that flexibility.

The "Templates" tab allows you to set up control over the templates you create, because if you want to make them public, you can. In addition, you can set them to be fully public or only available to certain URLs. There is also the option to get your website templates from a remote source.

"The Builder tab covers various builder settings: autosave, language, default wrapper type, panels, and dynamic data rendering.

"The Performance tab covers emoticons, delayed loading, and CSS and font loading methods (inline or as external files).

The API Keys tab itself says it all.

Finally, the Code tab allows you to add custom scripts to the header, footer and body text before and after the closing mark.

If WooCommerce is installed on the site, there will be a WooCommerce tab to enable/disable product badges, gallery and lightbox zoom, and to enable or disable the WooCommerce builder.

After creating a new post, custom post, or page, you will see a yellow button to "Edit with Bricks". When you press it, it takes no more than two seconds to load the builder.

First, it's time to edit the regular style settings for the entire site or the default styles for individual templates, pages, specific users, etc. Additionally, conditions can be applied on top of these settings (for me, conditions are the most impressive feature in this builder, which we'll delve into further).


The builder has four panels: 

The top panel provides access to the main settings, history, help, breakpoints, preview and save buttons;
The left pane contains more than 50 elements (similar to "widgets" in Elementor or "blocks" in Gutenberg), pages, conditions and other contextual settings;
The right (structure) panel is used to display, rename and manipulate the page structure (containers and elements) and its hierarchy;
Canvas to view all changes and visually edit text elements.
You can switch between light and dark themes. 

After adding an element, you will see its menu on the left panel: the Content tab for setting labels, global styles and dynamic data, and the Style tab for controlling every detail of the element's style. There is also a button for setting conditions for this element.

In the right panel, you can move, delete or copy elements to make them global, as well as copy and paste them or their styles.

Overall, the Bricks builder interface is very intuitive and easy to use, while providing plenty of options and settings for each element or device type. 


Using the Bricks builder interface, you can create templates for headers, footers, individual pages, search results, archive and error pages, and WooCommerce pages. You can group templates, add tags, and even use images for better navigation. In addition, templates can be easily inserted as sections with the help of the Template element. 

Another great feature is that there is a community template library where you can also use or share your templates. In addition, you can connect directly to another site and get them from there. And of course, you can import and export. 


Bricks Theme FAQs & Solutions


Diamo provides after-sales service for purchasing users, please leave any questions in the comments below during the use process, and we will answer your questions.


Please leave any questions, related needs in the comments below and we will follow up promptly.

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