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Genuine Theme Astra Pro Purchase

正版主题Astra Pro购买, 终生有效+后台更新, 也可买Key

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Sold as genuineAstra ProPremium theme, 29 bucks, permanent background update. Because the key is entered to activate, avoid leaks need to log into your site to operate, mind do not shoot. Installation is freeTemporary Login Without Password The plugin can generate a temporary login link to log in and install without providing a password.

We also sell genuine Astra ProActivate key(OFFICIAL AGENCY BUNDLE LIFETIME PACKAGE KEY) for only $199. Send the key directly to you, valid forever, no limit to the number of sites, can be upgraded online! You enter the key yourself to activate, do not need us to log into your site operation. Once purchased, countless sites for life, find friends to buy together more cost-effective!


Why choose Astra Pro theme?

There are many good themes, but the most suitable for building foreign trade 2B and 2C website is not Astra Pro, more than 1 million + wordpress users choose. Because it has the following advantages.

1- Super fast and good for SEO

Fully optimized for speed, no jQuery, lightning fast! Easy to set up and modify with a click of the mouse. Speed is a super important part of building a website, the theme directly determines the ceiling of speed, the theme speed can not optimize the site speed is difficult later.

Many people go to theme forest (themeforest) to buy themes like Avada, WoodMart and so on because the template design looks good, only to find out that the use is very complicated to understand. After all the hard work to finally get the page done a test speed is dumbfounded, the indicators are not very optimistic. After installing plugins like Wp Rocket to optimize the speed is still not very satisfied. Those themes are too bulky, for the sake of beauty and multi-functional load a lot of JS/CSS, if again with Elementor and other plug-ins speed is basically cool.

We atWP Rocket Setup TutorialThis article'sMobile speed optimizationAs mentioned in the chapter, the speed of Woocommerce product listing pages and detail pages made by Elementor and such is hard to optimize, basically around 2.5~3 seconds. One of the best ways to optimize the speed is to use the theme's automatic product listing page and detail page templates to create the corresponding pages. Astra's product listing page and detail page templates are highly customizable and fast, so they are perfect for building Woocommerce websites.

2- Easy to operate and highly customizable

We have used many themes that we bought because of their beautiful template design and fame. Many themes are so complicated to set up that we can't understand where to modify a certain content, and there is not much customizable content.

Astra Pro theme settings only have features enabled and disabled, super simple, all page content modification settings in "Appearance" > "Customize" in a separate category to understand at a glance. There are a lot of customizations, especially Woocommerce, which allows you to customize the features, spacing, colors, fonts, positions, etc. of the list and detail pages. At the same time take into account the function, beauty and ease of use, very suitable for white users originally built foreign trade independent site and cross-border e-commerce independent site.

Neve, GeneratePress and other themes are also fast, not highly customizable, more suitable for developers to build a blog system is not suitable for regular users to build 2B, 2C website.

3- More beautiful templates, integrated Gutenberg, etc.

Buying a theme is to buy a template, one click to import the whole site template is super convenient and beautiful. And the design speed is the fastest with the template that comes with the theme! Premium Starter Templates Advanced template plug-in with the use of one-click online import over200+ FineWhole siteTemplateand hundreds ofPagesandBoardTemplate.

Can be used with Elementor, Beaver Builder, Brizy, Gutenberg page builder. Especially the ability to import Gutenberg templates is awesome! Gutenberg must be one of the future trends of building websites, because it is much faster than Elementor and so on. These are the things that other themes don't have.

4- Rich documentation and hooks for secondary development

Astra Pro's official website has a wealth of settings and documentation, very friendly, basically any questions on the official website search will have the answer. There are also a lot of hooks set aside for developers to develop second time, so that they can prepare for later. It is worth mentioning that Astra's team is very strong and has released Starter Templates, Gutenberg Blocks, Ultimate Addons and other popular plugins. Support and updates for plugins are guaranteed.

5- Highly scalable

The theme comes with a bunch of extensions (no code will be added to slow down if you don't install it), and can also be used with plugins like Starter Templates. Meet the needs of users in all aspects.

Pasted 36

Astra, like Wp Rocket, captures the user's pain points very well and is powerful while taking into account ease of use and performance. So it is very popular and recommended for everyone.


Astra free theme is also quite good, but with much less functionality. pro features.

  1. Exporting inline code as separate css files to speed up page loading.
  2. Locally hosted Google fonts, preloaded with native fonts.
  3. Woocommerce product section mouse-over switch to display product images.
  4. 200+ whole site templates imported with one click in the background.
  5. Click to return to the top function of the site.
  6. White Label white label function, with the ability to customize the name and description of the theme.
  7. More options for fonts, colors, page layout, header builder settings.
  8. WooCommerce features and layout enhancements, etc..

For detailed differences, please seeAstra Pro VS Free

Buy this topickeyFree GiftOne siteGenuine Premium Starter Templates Advanced template plug-in (we login to your site to activate), one click online import over200+ beautiful full site templatesand hundreds of design sections. Can be used with Elementor, Beaver Builder, Brizy, Gutenberg page builder.

Template demo


The following is a screenshot of a client website using GTmetrix, with Astra Pro+ Elementor Pro installed and only CDN on, which is already super fast without full speed optimization. 0.3 seconds to start displaying the first screen content, 1.1 seconds to load the whole home page. If we disable some unnecessary resources, generate key CSS, compress images and so on, we can optimize the loading speed to about 0.6 seconds.

Pasted 5

This site uses Astra Pro + Elementor Pro to build, Google speed test shows that the loading time is 0.6 seconds, super fast!

Speed measurement results


Astra Pro Terms of Purchase

Virtual products are reproducible, once sold no refund, please checkTerms of Service. Please login first before you buy, send the payment screenshot to WeChat customer service after purchase to install or get Astra activation key.


How to install Astra theme

First install the free/basic version of the Astra theme, installation method: find and click on "Appearance" > "Themes" in the left menu list of the website backend, click on "Install Theme ", then enter "Astra" in the search box on the right, find the corresponding theme in the search results and click "Install", after installation, click "Enable".

Search Astra Topics

It is highly recommended to install child theme, the parent theme will not overwrite some changes made by the child theme after update.

Click to download Click "Upload Theme" in the theme installation screen, select the child theme installation package and install it, andEnable.

Steps to install child theme

After installing the basic version of the theme, you need to install the official Pro extension to activate the theme to use Pro features, how to: first download Then find and click on "Plug-ins" > "Install Plug-ins" in the left menu list in the background of the website, click on "Upload Plug-ins" in the upper left corner, select the installation package and then install it. After installation, click "Enable Plugin".

Upload Plugin

Next, enter the key to activate it by finding and clicking on "Appearance" > "Astra Options" in the left menu bar.

astra option

Enter the key and click "Active License" to activate it. The theme is now activated and ready to use.

Enter key to activate


Astra Theme Settings

Do the following in the Astra Options screen and click on "Use new header/footer generator" to enhance the header and footer settings and functionality.

Using the new header


Click "Enable File Generation", this will import the inline CSS generated by the theme into a separate CSS file to speed up the page loading. Inline CSS can prevent page rendering and slow down the page, thus affecting SEO.

Generate CSS external files


The following are the extended features of the Pro version, enabled on demand. If you can't use the corresponding function, don't activate it, the page speed will be faster if you load less code.If you want to know how to set up the page layout and the functions, click the name of the function on the left of the picture below, it will jump to the detailed explanation of the function on the official website. The official website has detailed documentation to teach us how to modify the website, so if you have questions, go to theOfficial Documents.

Extended Functions

Diamo provides after-sales service for purchasing users, please leave any questions in the comments below during the use process, and we will answer your questions.


Please leave any questions, related needs in the comments below and we will follow up promptly.

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