Are WordPress Cracked Plugins/Themes (Happy Edition, GPL, Nulled) Safe? What are the drawbacks? How to get it?

Is the WordPress Hack plugin safe?
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Is WordPress Crack plugin/theme safe? This is the majority of the use of cracked plug-in users of the doubt.WordPress website building need to use a theme and numerous plug-ins, less than a dozen or more dozens. Although WordPress is an open source program, there are tens of thousands of free themes + plug-ins, but most of the free features and results are not satisfactory.

To have a website that works well and has cool features you still have to use a paid theme/plugin, for exampleAstra Pro, , ,Wp Rocket, , ,Rank Math Pro, , ,Elementor ProAnd so on. Paid which are good, the only drawback is expensive, each plug-in needs to spend a few dozen dollars a year to renew, combined down to a site a year may have to spend thousands of dollars to renew the plug-in.


Men have less spending power than dogs, and the vast majority of webmasters are unlikely to spend that kind of money on paid plugins. But you want to have a good website with cool features, what should you do? Cracked version of the perfect solution to this problem, only need to spend a very small amount of money (or even do not spend money) can use the paid version, the same features and effects.


Difference between Cracked, GPL, Nulled and Legitimacy

Cracked version is the domestic name (also called happy version, green version), foreign called GPL or Nulled, they are actually the same thing. It is worth stating that although it is a cracked version, but thelicit. Because WordPress is an open source program that follows theGNU General Public License.

According toThe Official WordPress StoryAll themes and plugins belong to WordPress derivatives, naturally comply with the GPL agreement, which allows you to modify and distribute the software at will. To put it simply, you can legally use/crack the licensed plugins, and even sell them.

Google search "GPL plugin" can see a lot of selling GPL plugin website to put Google ads, these sites generally at the bottom of the plug-in from a third party, according to the GPL agreement legal sales. So it is not illegal to sell or buy cracked plugins.


We also sell them at Diamo Builders!GPL Themes/Plugins (procured from official foreign GPL sites), as well as official purchases from theGenuine theme/plugin key activation. It's not really profitable to sell these things, the main idea is to provide safe and reliable themes/plugins for people to use, to help people make good websites and step in fewer potholes.

Here is a shallow chat about the cracked version of the plug-in views, I hope to relieve the doubts in your mind, know how to choose the cracked version of the plug-in.


WordPress Crack Plugins/Themes Industry Overview

Cracked version (GPL) plug-in themes / plug-ins sold in foreign countries has formed a complete industrial chain, first understand the whole industrial chain overview, to help you judge.

Crack need to first go to the official purchase of the original theme / plug-in to get the latest version of the plug-in installation package, and then remove the plug-in license verification function code, re-packaged into the installation package for sale. Therefore, the cracked version of the plugin can be used by directly installing it, without the need to enter an activation code or the like, and can be used on countless websites.

It is worth stating that there are very few plugins/Pro features that do not run on the current server but on the author's server (e.g. Wp Rocket's Delete Useless CSS feature), which requires verification of the activation code in order to use, and cannot be cracked.

The regular crack version of the resource only remove the activation code verification code, will not modify any other code, very safe. Many foreign websites will write 100% source code in the product details, this is the meaning. Some black-hearted merchants will be implanted in the code of external links, viruses.

Crack plug-in cost is not low, the purchase of a genuine plug-in a year at least a few dozen dollars, and to renew every year. Crack plug-in market is relatively small competition, doomed to business will not be very good. Every time there is a new version have to re-crack, and then packaged on the shelf is very time-consuming, the server is also expensive.

So there are only a few source manufacturers in the world that have the strength to crack and update hundreds of thousands of cracked plug-ins in a timely manner, and they are more expensive, often in the form of selling membership packages to make a profit. The vast majority of sites selling plug-ins are "buying" from them.

Foreign sites selling them are usually $4~8 USD each, even $35 USD. Some are valid for a lifetime, some are valid for 1-2 years. Domestic, we are selling at a relatively low price, 19 dollars a lifetime, other counterparts need 25-35 dollars a, W Xiaoduo even go to more than 100 a plug-in.

Selling cracked resources is not a good business and is basically unprofitableBecause the number of domestic Wordpress audience is too small, spend money to buy cracked version of the resource is very little. Our site sells plug-ins a year to earn money barely cover the cost of the server, the cost of labor is a pure loss, if this for the industry we starved to death.

Because it is not profitable, it is understaffed. Those who sell hundreds of thousands of resources of the site basically can not do timely updates, provide reliable human service, in a half-dead state. At any time may be cut off or run away. Selling high prices and even delete the user's purchase record every once in a while is quite understandable.

We Diamo to control the number of resources in about 100, only selected high-quality themes / plug-ins, plus details and provide WeChat customer service pre-sales and after-sales service, the price is low, buy a lifetime can be downloaded and updated, the industry conscience.


WordPress Cracked Theme/Plugin Cons

Just because a crack isn't illegal doesn't mean it's safe to use a cracked theme/plugin. There is no good or bad code, but there are good and bad people. We often see cases where the use of cracked plugins leads to problems with the website, and there are several major problems with cracked plugins.


Issue 1: May contain malicious code/virus

Generally from the regular channels to buy the theme/plug-in security are good, people want to make money will not be stupid to their own products to poison. For example, we sell resources from foreign formal website to buy, after anti-virus verification, they are also using. Determine that there is no problem before they dare to sell on the shelves.

Some people will intentionally insert viruses into plug-ins to steal information or traffic from websites. Common viruses will lead to access to the site automatically jump to other sites (gambling, pornography, 2C e-commerce sites, etc.). Serious points may lead to the inability to log in the background, a little more secretive only from the Google search results click on the site will jump.

The vast majority of questionable themes/plugins are from the webFreeDownload. As stated above there is a cost to obtaining cracked plugins, and people share them out for free for everyone to download, there is a possibility that they are the pits. There are also some regular websites that provide safe and free resources to get traffic, and profit from displaying Google ads through their websites.

For example, weDIIAMOfurnishFree Latest Elementor Pro DownloadThe online templates are safe and non-toxic and can be updated and used online. Free resources are provided to drive traffic to the site and to help those in need.

Recommended for use after purchaseVirustotalFree online security tools detect whether the plugin contains malicious code. Our plugins are tested by Virustotal to be free of viruses before they hit the shelves.

Pasted 2


Problem 2: With advertisements, external links

Some plugins/themes will implant other websites' URLs or names into the site as a way to advertise and drive traffic, and do SEO. the vast majority of free themes/plugins have this problem, and some of the paid ones do too.

Implanting external links may cause a decrease in the SEO weight of your website and affect your Google rankings. It is recommended to ask the website customer service before purchasing the plugin, whether the brand name or external links are added inside the plugin. We sell all resources without implanted ads and external links.

Below is the image we paid to download from the Station Z Help websiteFluent Forms Pro plug-in Chinese packageWe've been through this.Loco Translate pluginModifying the translation revealed that they had inserted the brand name as well as a link to their own website.

hanhua 1

hanhua 2

Pasted 1


Issue 3: Slow/broken updates, incomplete information

Analyzing the cracked plugin industry above has said that it's not a good business. The cost is not low, updates are time-consuming and laborious, and sales will not be very good (after all, the user base is small).So selling cracked plugins is basically unprofitable, and it's possible that you won't even make back the server money.

So many sites selling cracked versions of the site will appear to update resources slower, or even run out of road (cracked version can only upload a new version of the installation package to update). We purchased the plugin many years ago on, but suddenly the purchase record was cleared during the validity period, so we couldn't download it and contacted customer service without any response.

There are a few famous websites that sell cracked versions, such as M Yung, ZZ Gang, XK Technology, W Xiaoduo and so on. Either the update is slow, or the price is too high, and none of the information is very complete + customer service support thoughtful.

Our Diamo main business is to help foreign trade enterprises to build 2B foreign trade independent station as well as cross-border e-commerce independent station, also undertake Google SEO optimization as well as website speed optimization. SellingGPL Themes/PluginsMainly trying to help people with themes/plugins that are safe and work well.

Our plugin sales page is written in detail, pure dry goods, but also timely updates. Wp Rocket, W3 Total Cache, Rank Math and other plug-ins are also dedicated to spend a huge amount of time and effort to create the use of tutorials. In fact, we sell themes / plug-ins each year just to cover the server costs, labor costs pure loss.


Issue 4: No after-sales/customer service support

Selling something for 10s of dollars and not making any money, if you are a merchant I guess you won't be able to provide attentive human service. Now the whole network to sell crack version of the plug-in site manual service are very limited, the most is to leave a message to send an e-mail, fast if 1-3 days to reply, slow if there may be no reply.

After-sales service is actually quite important, most of the plug-ins to buy is a small white, encountered problems rely on their own can not be resolved. If there is no customer support, Baidu time-consuming and laborious is not necessarily a solution. It is recommended that before buying plug-ins to understand the site customer service support.

The higher priced sites have better customer service support, can reach a human being and respond in a timely manner. Although our price is low, but the same timely response service. The right side of the scanning can contact WeChat customer service, no need to add friends to chat directly. Asked basically must answer.


Issue 5: Unethical

In fact, the genuine paid plug-ins have a large part of the cost of manual after-sales service, cracked version of the plug-in can not enjoy the official customer service support. Cracked version of the plug-in we feel that the impact on the genuine version is not very large, buy cracked version of most of the white whoring party, will not spend money on the paid version.

But after all, the cracked version is plagiarized from the original, morally unjustifiable. People's team to produce and maintain plug-ins to update the genuine plug-ins also need labor and material costs. And cracked version of the resources may be involved in trademark infringement.

There is a genuine version of the crack version, ability to allow or hope that we buy the official genuine plug-ins, so that there will continue to be high-quality plug-ins and themes. The entire WordPress ecosystem will be better and better.


How to pick a safe and quality cracked plugin?

First of all, we must go to the regular channels to pay for the purchase, free download crack version of the resources try not to touch. Formal selling crack version of the plug-in website design is more formal, the bottom of the basic will have the record information, there is a responsible body will not be too messy.

The next step is to see if the resources have passedVirustotalOur plug-ins are tested by 3 security tools and are non-toxic and safe. Some sites that sell crack resources do not state whether they are tested, it is recommended to ask the business first, or to take their own non-toxic test before use.

Pasted 3

Also avoid themes/plugins that implant external links, this will reduce the SEO weight of your own site, pass SEO weight to the other side for free, and help others to do graft. The vast majority of websites do not say whether or not they implant external links, so it is recommended to ask the merchant before purchasing.

Finally, you have to consider how fast the resource is updated and how well the human service works. It was mentioned above that selling cracked plugins/themes is not profitable and may break suddenly. Before buying, see if the version of their plugins is the latest, if so, it proves that the business is updated in time. If they are generally a few versions behind, be cautious.


Article out of date? Have a better opinion? Have a question? Please leave your comments below and we will follow up.

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