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Sign up for the free Google Translate API
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The translation cost is too expensive, so basically all WordPress translation plugins with multi-language SEO effect need to register additional translation API to achieve the translation function. And Google Cloud Translator is the translation service with the best quality and most voice support among free translators.

This article teaches you how to sign up for the free Google Translate API from scratch and just enter the registered API into a translation plugin like TranslatePress to achieve fully automated multilingual translation of your website.


Google Cloud Platform Registration

If you do not have a Google account first register one, when registering you need to verify the cell phone number, select China and then directly enter the cell phone number in front of do not put "+86". If you encounter "This phone number cannot be used for verification", change your browser's primary language to English, or use your cell phone to register instead.

Pasted 63

After registering an account or if you already have an account, you need to open the ladder software and then go to Click Sign in at the top right corner to start signing in to your Google account.

Google Chrome

Enter information to log in

Login to Google account

If you are already signed in to your Google account, this step can be omitted and you can jump directly to the Google Cloud Google Cloud application page.

Visit the Google Cloud Google Cloud Chinese - Simplified as the language of the website, and then click the blue buttonStart using it for free.

Google Cloud Free Trial

The following formally enter the free trial of Google Cloud application link, a total of three steps, the first step to fill out the account information.

Google Cloud Application Step 1

Google Cloud Application Step 1

First fill in the country/region, here it is recommended to choose the node IP location, for example, if you are using the UK agent, choose the UK country/region, if you are using the US agent, choose the US country/region (It is recommended to choose Hong Kong, because you need to fill in the credit card information later).

Once the country region is selected, choose which of the following best matches your organization or needs? This step also gives you an additional $$ $100 free trial (stacked on top of the $300) if you choose the company category, but you have to enter a corporate email.

Fill in the applicant information and email address

If you don't want to apply for additional trial grants, this step allows you to select individual projects or other categories.

Fill in the country and project

Once the above two selections are made, check the Terms of Service and Email Dynamics below and click Continue to proceed to step 2.

Step 2, Authentication and Contact Information, enter your phone number for post-authentication contact information. google will send a text message containing a 6-digit verification code to authenticate your identity and confirm your contact information in order to provide you with a solution to improve your Cloud experience.

You will need to pay the standard rate. At the flag icon in front of the phone number, click the down arrow to pull down and select China +86 and fill in your domestic mobile number at the phone number. After receiving the verification code, fill in to continue to the next step

Google Cloud Authentication and Contact Information

Step 3, payment information verification. This step is the key to register Google Cloud Google Cloud, you need to verify the credit card information. Choose Personal for the account type.

Google Cloud Payment Information Verification

Once the account type is selected, you need to fill in the payment method, which means adding a credit or debit card. Enter the prepared credit card number, valid year and month, and CVV 3-digit security code. If you have PayPal, you can also add PayPal (Note: Google Cloud does not seem to support domestic PayPal).

Enter a random billing address and zip code for the registered area in the address field. (The billing address will only be mailed if a charge is actually incurred and a paper bill is requested. The billing address can be found on Google Maps or can be obtained from the random address generator online.) No tax information is required, click to start your free trial.

After you click to start your free trial, you will receive a text message or a transaction alert from your bank app. Google will charge your credit card $1 and then will return it immediately. Congratulations, Google Cloud Google Cloud has been applied successfully!

Note: The first time you use your credit card for a dollar transaction, a risk control call will come from the bank's credit card center asking if the transaction was done in person, just answer yes.

Google Cloud Welcome Page

Your free trial includes a $300 grant for the next 90 days. You are now logged into Google Cloud's operating platform interface. Before logging in, Google Cloud requires a small survey to answer 4 questions, and of course you can choose to turn it off.

Once the questions are answered, click Finish. After that Google will recommend the corresponding solution to host the site via Google Cloud based on your interests.

You can either try the solution or click below to skip it for now. Well here the Google Cloud application is done, get $300 grant and 90 days trial period.

Google Cloud Checkout Account Overview

Google Cloud Google Cloud has been applied, and the next step is to start configuring Google Cloud.


Sign up for the free Google Translate API

First you need to create a new Translate API project by clicking on Select Project and selecting "Create Project". Then click onContinue.

Create a registered Google Cloud project

If, after clicking Continue, , ,You will see the following screen, after entering your project name, clickCreate: The

Fill out the Google Cloud project information

After successful creation, you will be taken to the project page.

Google Cloud Project page

AccessGoogle Translate API pageand click on "Enable", i.e., enable the Google Translate API under the project you created earlier.

Enable Cloud Translation API

After enabling Cloud Translation API, go to the API management page and click "Credentials"-"Create credentials", select the API key, as shown in the following figure.

Create cloud translation API credentials

When you see the pop-up window below, you have successfully created the Google Cloud Translator API key.Save the API keyThe following is a list of the most important things you can do to help you.

Get API key

You can use this API key directly to configure the Magicpost plugin for article translation, but we recommend that you modify the API key slightly to add restrictions and improve security as suggested by Google.

To perform this action, click on the screenshot above "Modify API key ", selectHTTP referral source URLThen add the website that needs to use this API. The URL format must be in full format, such as, and add www if your URL has www.

Finally click on "Save".

Set API key restrictions


Setting API translation quotas/limits

Now (2022-12-03) the first 3 months of new user registration is free (there are prompts in the registration process), and the first 500,000 translated characters are free for each month after 3 months, and the charge is $20 for every 1 million characters after that, clickView billing rates. And the first 3 months are not free if you are a regular user.

A Chinese character = 2 characters, an English letter = 1 character (for example, the word apple counts as 5 characters), a space also counts as a character. If the English site assumes that there are 5 languages, 500,000 characters each language can be allocated to 100,000 characters, according to a letter equal to a character to count, less than 10 long articles to use up the quota, it is easy to exceed the quota is deducted.

A customer bought from our website in DecemberTranslatePress Translation PluginWhen discussing the free API with me, he told me that he was charged for using Google Translate API beyond the limit before, and sent me the following picture ↓. Because I forgot to set the limit and consumption reminder, I didn't know about the overage until I was charged $58 😆 .

Pasted 25

Another visitor feedback he was deducted over $100 Google Translate costs ↓.



It is very necessary to set translation quota and overrun reminder, follow the steps below to set translation quota. Note: Setting quota can only limit the amount of characters to be translated per day at most, you can't set a monthly quota, and after exceeding the quota, it will be translated automatically the next day, which is actually rather useless. Setting consumption reminder is the most useful.

AccessGoogle API and Services PageGo toEnabled APIs and services / Enabled APIs and services .

image 5

Scroll down the page to find and click on theCloud Translation API.

image 6


Select "Quotas"QUOTAS tab.

Quota tab for Cloud Translation API

There are many quotas displayed below, select "v2 and v3 general model characters per day" and click on the top right corner. image 9 "EDIT QUOTAS/ Modify Quotas" Edit.

image 8

Enter the number of characters in New Limit, after exceeding this number, it will not be translated automatically. Free accounts are free for 500,000 characters per month, here I enter 450,000 (four hundred and fifty thousand), after exceeding this number it will not be automatically translated on the same day, but will be restored the next day.

image 11

Tap OK↓.

image 12

Prompts that the update has been completed.

image 13


Set consumption reminder

Double Coverage also has to set up an overage alert, which is to set an amount and if you spend more than that you will be sent an email to remind you. This way you know how much was spent and stop the loss in time. That's what's most useful.

Click to enterGoogle Clearing HouseAnd log in, click "My billing account".

Pasted 26

Click on "Budget and Reminders"

Pasted 27

Create a budget↓

Pasted 28

Follow the chart↓

Pasted 29

Enter the budget amount

Pasted 30

Set the alert threshold and tap Done.

Pasted 31

Email alerts will be sent when spending reaches $0.5, $0.9, $1.Remember to check your email frequently! You can set more budget amount, for example, $100, and then set the alert threshold to 10%, 20%, 50%, when the spending amount reaches $10, $20, $50 will send email alert respectively.


Fully automated website translation by entering API into TranslatePress

Click the "Settings" button under "Translate Site" in the top bar of the backend website to enterTranslatePressTranslation settings screen.

Pasted 20

Select the "Automatic translation" tab, select "Yes" to enable automatic translation, select "Google Translate v2", and fill in the "Google Translate API key". Google Translate API registered above.

Pasted 21

Select Block crawlers, do not check Automatically translate Slugs (URLs)! Translating URLs can lead to many errors.

Pasted 22

Tap Save Changes

Pasted 23

If the automatic translation settings screen shows that there are unsupported languages, just click "recheck the supported languages" to detect them. This is very important, if not re-check will not automatically translate the site.

Pasted 32


If the API is correct after saving, the green flag in the red box below will be displayed. If the API error is prompted, click "Test API Credentials" to see what is wrong with the API and then correct it yourself.

Pasted 24

It takes a while to complete the translation after filling in the API, and the length of time depends on the total amount of text on the website, which may range from a few minutes to a few hours.


Article out of date? Have a better opinion? Have a question? Please leave your comments below and we will follow up.

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  1. Hello, I am a new Google user and I am setting up a google translate API! I'm a new Google user and I'm setting up the google translate API. how do I set the quota so that I can keep my budget within the gifted amount of USD300? The tutorial doesn't say exactly how many characters to set, and is it just v2 v3 general model per day? Thanks a lot for the reply!

    1. USD300, if your website has less than 1000 pages, you can't use it all. Setting up quotas is more complicated than the price, we suggest you set up a consumption reminder on the line, set up a consumption of more than 1 U.S. dollar to notify you - the most important thing is to measure their own translation of the site probably use the number of characters, good control.


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