The company's official website to build their own or outsource the construction of the site? A comprehensive in-depth analysis of the disadvantages of building your own independent site

Outsourcing Website Building
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With the development of the Internet and the improvement of information dissemination efficiency, more and more people are aware of the role of websites to build their own company websites. Most of the companies are asking website builders to build their official websites, and there are a few companies that let their own employees build their own independent websites.

We have been in contact with some people and things for many years, and we share them to help you judge whether it is good to build your own website or to outsource it.First, the conclusion.Build your own website is laborious, and the results are generally not good. It is highly recommended to outsource the website building.


Why is it not recommended to build your own independent website?

Many people feel that usingWordPressIt's easy to build a website, but it's a false proposition, not talking about quality but efficiency is a rogue. Just like Photoshop makes image processing a lot easier, but to P out of high quality photos will require a long time of experience.

It's really very simple to make a website with WordPress, just rent a server, install WordPress and buy a template. However, it is very difficult to build a website with fast speed + good design + comprehensive functions + safe and stable + good customer experience + high conversion rate.

Website production and design involves Js, Css, Html, Php, cache, CDN and other aspects of knowledge and proficiency in the use of WordPress, various themes, plug-ins and so on. We have accumulated more than 2 years of experience before we dare to say that a little bit to start, do a good website is not as simple as we think.

If it is to build a personal website, while figuring out how to build it. Build a company website or to the effectiveness and efficiency of the main, after all, the company independent station is used to create profits, not ornaments.

If you are a company leader.It is not recommended that you get your own staff to build a website, because in the end the quality of the website built is very likely to be bad, and does not bring any traffic / orders. It seems to save money, but in fact it is a waste of time and a missed opportunity to make money.

After all, it is not a scientific class, and the websites made by our own employees are more or less defective. It takes a long time to build a website, and the monetary cost is higher than outsourcing. And building a website is just a job that has nothing to do with self-interest for the employee, he thinks more about himself rather than the website effect and the company's interests.

The picture below is a factory specially recruited 2 people to build their own website, one of them is my friend. Their website has not been good for a long time, set a template design strange.

Because the site is very slow, the leader wants to change the expensive server, I suggested that he hire someone to optimize the speed, the effect is better, much lower cost, he said can not hire someone. The website is not good is the company's business, hire someone is to move stones to their own feet 🙄 .

Pasted 91

Pasted 92

And there are 2 fatal problems with having your own employees build the website: if the employee who built the website leaves, who will maintain/change the website? If that employee leaves when the unhappy, he will not be behind the destruction of the site, copy the company inquiry and so on ...?

Some companies even send their employees to attend the site building course, learned to come back to build their own site, we think the effect may not be very good. The site building group has a group of friends participated in Yan Sir offline site building class (more than 10,000, 3 days and 2 nights), I want to take the experience so add his WeChat chat a few times.

After communication, I found that he rated Yan Sir very high, but he did not learn any technology from the class, but only learned some website building skills and tools to open up the mind. But with 3 days and 2 nights to learn things difficult to make a satisfactory website, at least his own website for a few months is not ready, and occasionally ask me some very basic questions.

The role of the website is for the company to get customers, so as to earn profits, can not bring revenue to the company's website does not have any meaning. Cheap things are the most expensive because they can't bring value, know how to invest in order to get huge gains, there is a give and take.


If you are a junior staff member responsible for a website.It is not recommended that you build your own website, a high probability of effort is not pleasing. It is likely that in the end not only did not earn money for the company also aggravated themselves.

The vast majority of bosses will not increase their expenses until they see the benefits. Building your own website means you have to handle everything yourself on a fixed budget, including website building/changes, speed optimization, P-graphics, updates and maintenance, website traffic generation, etc.

We at Diamo focus on foreign trade website building, and have contacted many company leaders. Many leaders have only one requirement for the website, which is to achieve their own satisfaction, plus a bunch of requirements. In fact, many ideas do not meet the situation of foreign consumers, which will only reduce the speed and conversion rate of the website.

Do you have that ability and confidence to do up the site alone? There is no reward for a good job, and the kind of blame for a bad job. I have met the vast majority of people who build their own company website ended up with the company did not happy.

Pasted 93

Share a story with you: many years ago I was a salesman in a foreign trade company, the boss knew I would build a website knowledge to let me build the company website, but I was awake to outsource the site. Only later found a female salesman colleague is the boss lover, the site directly taken over by her, all inquiries to her hands ....

Outsourcing toUeeShopThe website was a bit ugly and average in all aspects, plus I didn't put much thought into the website, mainly P a few pictures. So when the site was taken over by the mistress I was not too upset and my mood quickly calmed down.


Benefits of outsourcing website construction

The benefits of outsourcing website construction are efficiency, ease and stability. The website builder will take care of everything related to the website, allowing the company to focus on negotiating with the client to receive the order.

In fact, there are many pitfalls in outsourcing the construction of a website, and the website may not be good in every aspect. Because the industry is relatively niche, there is no industry standard, to put it bluntly, it is a bit chaotic.

Moreover, many website builders use their own servers and website building programs, and later they cannot relocate the website and change it, and delete it without renewing the fee. So many people want to build their own websites and not be subjected to the constraints of others.

Just like falling in love, you dare not start a relationship casually when you or someone around you has had a bad experience in the relationship. There are unsuitable, there will certainly be suitable, there are also many reliable builders.

You can try to talk to us if you have a need to build a website. We dare not say 100%, at least 95% or more customers are satisfied with our products and services. In the same quality situation, ourPriceIt is the lowest in the industry, no renewal fees, using your server and domain name, control is yours.

Leave the professional to the professional, outsourcing website building is cheaper, more effective and flexible. Knowing how to leverage and focus on what's important is one of the ways to succeed.


Article out of date? Have a better opinion? Have a question? Please leave your comments below and we will follow up.

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